Tips to Make your Pet Cat and Dog Get Along

Cat and dog close to each other

Whenever we see cats and dogs, our first instinct is that they fight all the time. Primarily, the fact they do is how producers represent them in TV shows and movies. So, people tend to stir away from getting both animals simultaneously to prevent the utter chaos that’s bound to happen. But … Read more

What are the Benefits of a Pet Tracker?

Dog in the woods

Raising your trusted canine is no joke. Like kids, our pets need constant care and affection to make sure they’ll be growing healthy and happy. Though you don’t need to be an expert with dogs and cats to ensure their proper growth, it is wise to know a few details and tips … Read more

Tips to Ensure Your Dog Stays Healthy

Tips to Ensure Your Dog Stays Healthy

Dogs are definitely man’s best friend for a good reason. Most of the time, dogs are loyal and sweet; people also represent them as intelligent animals due to their trained nature. Dogs are brilliant indeed, especially when they are appropriately taken care of with their needs and wants. Not only will they … Read more

How to Survive a Road Trip with Your Dog

A dog riding in a car

Going on a road trip is great fun, but it’s also a big hassle. You have to prepare for several potential situations, make the most of whatever space you have, and deal with all the arguments and quarrels along the way. When it comes to going on a road trip with your … Read more

How to Teach a Dog Tricks

A person giving a dog a treat

Having a dog as a pet usually means that you’re in for an exciting and active time. No matter what kind of breed or mix of dog you get, most of them require a decent amount of exercise. Dogs are also really happy when their humans play with them, so get ready … Read more

The Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Dog Breeds for Kids

Many kids ask for a pet dog at some point, but this request raises a lot of worries for the parents or guardians. The care of the dog is a whole other story, but another important consideration is getting a dog breed that’s suitable for families and especially kids. If you’re not … Read more

Löwchen –The Little Lion Dog

Nederlandse Kooikerhondje

A small and affectionate dog: the Löwchen is a real dog lovers’ delight. Several exciting features are apparent in this breed’s appearance; it has a unique look that is sure to capture the attention of dog enthusiasts. A beautiful, thick coat covers the body of this mini dog; it pretty much compliments … Read more

Vizsla – The Versatile and Adoring Dog


Dutiful and athletic, the Vizsla has been prized for many centuries for both in the field and in the show ring for his incredible hunting and pointing skills, doing it with style and grace. Now, he expands his expertise into family homes, being a friendly and affectionate canine pal that always wants … Read more

Standard Schnauzer – The Protective and Willful Dog

Nederlandse Kooikerhondje

Originally bred to be a diligent all-purpose dog, the Standard Schnauzer is a high-spirited, highly-intelligent, sometimes strong-willed, fast and agile breed from Germany. Today, he expanded his repertoire, now serving as an entertaining family companion and a show dog, with his conspicuous bushy eyebrows and whiskered chin. Though he can be willful … Read more