What Colors Can Dogs See?

What Colors Can Dogs See

Do Dogs See in Color or Black and White? While it’s a common myth that dogs see in black and white, dogs do see colors. But, they don’t see colors in the same way that most humans do. Canines have what is called dichromatic vision. This means they see colors similarly to … Read more

Hispanic Dog Breeds You May Not Know

a Wirehaired ibizan hound in a field of flowers

Once home to the fearsome Inquisition and Spanish Armada, Spain is now better known as a leading Western European travel destination. Tourists come to Spain year-round to enjoy the wonderful culture, with hotspots like Ibiza and Barcelona. However, Spain isn’t all about delicious tapas and rooftop parties. The country has several dog … Read more

Which American Dog Breed Is Called the Gentleman?

the back of a woman carrying a Boston Terrier in the outdoors

Humans have fastidiously bred dogs for thousands of years to produce desired traits. This continuous genetic manipulation resulted in some unusual breeds; some dogs have been bred to catch rats, hunt birds, or sit quietly on laps. But what about the American gentleman dog breed? The Boston terrier is among the few … Read more

4 Puppy Treat Your Dogs Won’t Be Able To Resist

Services Every Dog Owner Should Use to Keep Your Pup Happy and Safe

Are you a puppy lover just like us? Does taking care of your little pup give you joy?  If your answer to the above questions is yes, then you have to come to the right place.  This article is all about helping your puppy live a fuller life. Now you can treat … Read more

Glucosamine for Joint Health in Dogs

Glucosamine for Joint Health in Dogs

A lot of dogs suffer from various painful conditions such as arthritis. This is a condition that occurs in both dogs and humans alike. It occurs when the cartilage which is a firm but soft and flexible tissue between the bones starts to wear and tear away. Eventually, the bones start to … Read more

Dogs are Man’s Bestfriend

Dogs are Man’s Bestfriend

The term “dogs are man’s best friend” may sound cliché but is proven a fact. The relationship between man and dog could be traced 15,000 years ago after the discovery of a Bon-Oberkassel dog was found buried with two humans. Dogs are proven for their loyalty and devotion to their human for … Read more

Tips for Crating Your New Puppy

Puppy playing with his owner

Crate training your pup will give more benefits than you think. They will have a safe and comfortable space to run to when things get a bit overwhelming for them. It can also prevent your dogs from munching furniture and other items they see in your home. Not only will that save … Read more

Tips to Make your Pet Cat and Dog Get Along

Cat and dog close to each other

Whenever we see cats and dogs, our first instinct is that they fight all the time. Primarily, the fact they do is how producers represent them in TV shows and movies. So, people tend to stir away from getting both animals simultaneously to prevent the utter chaos that’s bound to happen. But … Read more

What are the Benefits of a Pet Tracker?

Dog in the woods

Raising your trusted canine is no joke. Like kids, our pets need constant care and affection to make sure they’ll be growing healthy and happy. Though you don’t need to be an expert with dogs and cats to ensure their proper growth, it is wise to know a few details and tips … Read more

Tips to Ensure Your Dog Stays Healthy

Tips to Ensure Your Dog Stays Healthy

Dogs are definitely man’s best friend for a good reason. Most of the time, dogs are loyal and sweet; people also represent them as intelligent animals due to their trained nature. Dogs are brilliant indeed, especially when they are appropriately taken care of with their needs and wants. Not only will they … Read more