Vizsla – The Versatile and Adoring Dog


Dutiful and athletic, the Vizsla has been prized for many centuries for both in the field and in the show ring for his incredible hunting and pointing skills, doing it with style and grace. Now, he expands his expertise into family homes, being a friendly and affectionate canine pal that always wants … Read more

Standard Schnauzer – The Protective and Willful Dog

Standard Schnauzer - The Protective and Willful Dog

Originally bred to be a diligent all-purpose dog, the Standard Schnauzer is a high-spirited, highly-intelligent, sometimes strong-willed, fast and agile breed from Germany. Today, he expanded his repertoire, now serving as an entertaining family companion and a show dog, with his conspicuous bushy eyebrows and whiskered chin. Though he can be willful … Read more