The Most Popular Dog Breeds in the U.S.

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Dogs are the world’s most popular pets. As a matter of fact, this animal is not included in the most common target in poaching. This statistic is largely due to the dog’s versatility as a species. Every breed has its own set of characteristics, making each breed suitable for a specific lifestyle. … Read more

The Matagi Dog – One of Japan’s Purebreds

Japanese Akita Inu Dog Winter Portrait

The Akita is one of seven Japanese dog breeds designated as natural monuments, but it was not always recognized by this name. The Akita dog breed is thought to be descended from the now extinct and ancient Matagi Inu dogs used by the Matagi and other northern Japanese natives to hunt Sitka … Read more

Characteristics of a Pointer Dog

two pointers in a landscape, 1805

When thinking of hunting dogs, the pointer is probably the first one that comes to mind. Because of the visual cues they convey when spotting downed prey, these pups are frequently used in cartoons to portray hunting dogs. If you’re unfamiliar with the term “pointing,” it refers to a dog breed that … Read more

Dressing Dogs – Should Puppies Be Dressed to Look Like Humans?

a French bulldog dressed as Little Red Ridinghood

If we didn’t know better, we’d think humans couldn’t tell people from objects or Paris Hilton from pets: chihuahuas in sweaters, hurricanes with names, puppies in dresses, and a “sick” economy. Humans are fully aware of what constitutes a person, biologically speaking. But, psychologically, we’re all muddled. People attribute human characteristics to … Read more

Does a Dog’s Size Determine It’s Life Expectancy?

an adult brown Gordon Setter and a Pug relaxing together

Larger animals live longer lives than smaller ones (most, if not all, of the time). Consider this: humans live much longer than cats, live longer than rats, and live longer than flies. But why isn’t this true for animals inside of their species? A person weighing 150 pounds will almost certainly live … Read more

Hispanic Dog Breeds You May Not Know

a Wirehaired ibizan hound in a field of flowers

Once home to the fearsome Inquisition and Spanish Armada, Spain is now better known as a leading Western European travel destination. Tourists come to Spain year-round to enjoy the wonderful culture, with hotspots like Ibiza and Barcelona. However, Spain isn’t all about delicious tapas and rooftop parties. The country has several dog … Read more

How to Help Your Dog if It Stops Drinking Water

a Tibetan Terrier lying on the grass by its water bowl

Water is essential to a dog’s life because it is the most important nutrient for survival. Your canine must drink enough water to stay hydrated and healthy. But what if your dog isn’t drinking enough water? There could be several reasons why your dog isn’t drinking water. They also have different water … Read more

Teaching a Dog to Track by Scent

a dog on a lawn and the hand of its owner holding a ball

When a dog tracks, it uses its nose to track a specific scent. Dogs are born with the ability to track. Your dog most likely began tracking when he was a very young puppy—because his eyes hadn’t yet opened, he needed to utilize his nose to locate his mother so he could … Read more

What Are the Small Italian Dog Breeds?

a male Italian Greyhound at a backyard

Gray wolves and dogs diverged from a single wolf species that became extinct between 15,000 and 40,000 years ago. We began living together with some of these distant ancestors of our modern domesticated dogs around the same time, and this practice continues today. For millennia, dogs have played an important role in … Read more

Which American Dog Breed Is Called the Gentleman?

the back of a woman carrying a Boston Terrier in the outdoors

Humans have fastidiously bred dogs for thousands of years to produce desired traits. This continuous genetic manipulation resulted in some unusual breeds; some dogs have been bred to catch rats, hunt birds, or sit quietly on laps. But what about the American gentleman dog breed? The Boston terrier is among the few … Read more