Dressing Dogs – Should Puppies Be Dressed to Look Like Humans?

a French bulldog dressed as Little Red Ridinghood

If we didn’t know better, we’d think humans couldn’t tell people from objects or Paris Hilton from pets: chihuahuas in sweaters, hurricanes with names, puppies in dresses, and a “sick” economy. Humans are fully aware of what constitutes a person, biologically speaking. But, psychologically, we’re all muddled. People attribute human characteristics to … Read more

How to Make Your Pet Dog Look Posh

small dogs with jackets

Most pet owners would want their dogs to look stylish and beautiful, which is why many of them would often do their best to keep their dogs well-groomed every day. However, not all breeds are posh dog breeds, so pet owners would usually struggle to make these non-posh dogs look at least … Read more

Should You Dress Your Puppy in Clothes?

Clothed puppy

There are puppy owners who love to dress up their pets while some people are skeptical when it comes to wearing clothing on their puppies. Some people dress their puppies as if they are their kids, some because of the weather, while others don’t because they think it’s not right. But should … Read more

How Does Dog Washing Machine Work?

Dog Washing

Good hygiene is as important for pets as it is for people. No one likes to tolerate a smelly and dirty dog. Plus, it is vital for dogs to have healthy skin and coat to avoid animal diseases. To protect your pet’s health, regular baths using pet-friendly products would be necessary.   … Read more