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How Dog Washing Machine Work

When we hear the expression “washing machine”, surely the image of a car washing car comes to mind. Do not be alarmed, these are quite different from those that are suitable for bathing our pets. If you do not know them yet, we are talking about dog washing machines.

These pet washing machines are becoming more widespread in many countries. However, not all dogs are fit and there are a number of things to keep in mind before letting our dog get into one. We’ll tell you everything.

How Are Dog Washing Machines

To define it in a simple and easy to understand, we could say that dog washing machines are like a washing machine that does not turn.

They consist of a hole with a door that seals and in which we must introduce the animal. It has several functions: washing, hydromassage, rinsing, water evacuation and drying. It is possible that many of the animals that get into it can get nervous and cry disconsolately. Do not worry, for this there is an emergency button with which you can stop the cycle at any time.

dog washing machine

The best thing is to have taken a long walk before the animal to be stress free and tired, that way will make much more use of the bathroom and will be an enjoyment for him instead of an ordeal.

Obviously, if an animal is very muddy, you will need a prior water at home or take it to a dog hairdresser.

Dogs that are not fit to wash in one of the pet wash machines are:

  • Sick
  • In taking medications
  • Dogs that have not had two hours of digestion after a meal
  • Puppies without vaccines
  • Pregnant Bitches
  • Animals in old age
  • Animals with fear of enclosed spaces
  • Dogs with anxiety of separation or stress

Differences between pet washing machines and hairdressers
Obviously there are many differences between the two, although we believe that the most important are:

  • Price. A hairdresser is not likely to cost you less than € 20-25, while a washing machine will cost around € 3.
  • Human contact. In a canine hairdresser the animal is always in contact with a human who is talking and singing while bathing, something that will greatly relax the animal.
  • The products. In the hairdresser can choose suitable products according to the hair and skin of your animal, while in pet washing machines have standard products for all.
  • The result. A canine hairdresser always offers a more professional service than a machine, since hand drying gives better results as it can shape and shape the hair.
    However, the machine is cheap, quick and without discomfort. Which to choose? That will depend on the tastes and needs of each.

Other options

For those who can not afford to take their pet to a hairdresser and who may not like the idea of “locking” their pet in a gap, there is another option. Sure, you can always choose to wash it at home, but it is very likely that everything will be soaked with water and that the animal when you want to run and scrub all over the house including sofas and furniture.

To avoid this, there are many gas stations that include a kind of tub in which to put the animal, with a hose and able to bathe it comfortably and cleaner there.

The disadvantages? You will have to take your products and have no drying system. Although good, can you have everything?

Advantage? Most are free!

Each one will be able to choose according to his circumstances, the health of his dog and also his pocket.

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