How Does Dog Washing Machine Work?

Good hygiene is as important for pets as it is for people. No one likes to tolerate a smelly and dirty dog. Plus, it is vital for dogs to have healthy skin and coat to avoid animal diseases. To protect your pet’s health, regular baths using pet-friendly products would be necessary.


However, we all know that bathing a pet can be time-consuming and a tiring process – don’t mention the messy floor you need to clean up after your pet shakes off excess water from his fur everywhere. Sometimes, you just don’t have the time after all the work you’ve got to do outside and inside the house. Dog washing machines, or automatic dog washes, can help you with a quick and simple solution for this problem. With these machines, you can wash your dog touch-free and mess-free.

How does it work?

Dog washing machines are comparable to car washing machines and our laundry washing machines. Don’t worry, unlike laundry machines, it doesn’t turn your dog upside down. These machines consist of an enclosed cabin which is large enough to contain dogs of different sizes. It has a see-through door so you can watch your dog while it is being cleansed, just like load washing machines. Inside, the machines are equipped with rinsing and lathering jets, drying apparatus and a dosing system for administering topical products. The dog will be completely cleansed and dried inside the machine for around 20 to 30 minutes.

Then, just like a car wash machine, the cycle starts with wetting using warm water. After that, the dog will be lathered with dog shampoo, rinsed in warm-water, and dried using temperature-controlled air drying apparatus. Some machines offer topical treatments, flea and tick treatments and more.

You can buy your own dog washing machine, but it would be pricey and impractical for a household dog owner. You can use public dog wash machines for a fee, and they can be typically found in carwash areas, gas stations, pet shops, veterinary clinics, and even in some holiday resorts.

What are the benefits of dog washing machines?

How Does Dog Washing Machine Work

Besides the convenience it provides to the dog owner, dog washing machines also work as a hydro-massage for your pet to help relieve muscle pain and provide stress relief. It can benefit dogs with arthritis or muscle weakness, and it can also help with your pet’s physical therapy or rehabilitation.

Is it safe?

Perhaps a lot of people would question the safety of dog washing machines – yes, it is safe, but it isn’t for all dogs (we’ll get to that later). Manufacturers have included safety controls, like an emergency stop button, which stops the cycle immediately at any time. There are also water and air temperature controls so you can make sure that it isn’t too hot or too cold for your dog. Plus, you should never leave a machine unattended while your dog is inside it – the see-through door is there for a purpose.

These machines are designed to keep a pet’s head away from the trajectory of the jet spray, but if your pet is nervous, excited or wiggling, the water, air or products may be inadvertently sprayed in the eyes, ears, nose or mouth. For sensitive pets, this might be a concern, even if the machine uses a gentle shampoo that is generally installed.

For safety purposes, don’t use a dog washing machine if your pet is sick, currently taking medications or pregnant. Old dogs and puppies that are not vaccinated yet are also not fit for this; they might only get sick. Don’t also clean a dog in here if the pet have just eaten a meal for the past two hours, or if they have separation anxiety, stress and nervousness, or fear of enclosed spaces.

It is also important to check your pet first if it has wounds and other abnormalities on the skin and coat. The machine won’t alert you if your pet already has an abrasion or a small skin tumor hidden by the fur, since these are best seen or felt by the hand while the pet is wet.

Dog washing machines are amazing when it comes to commercial usage, since they are not budget friendly for domestic use. There are many options on the web, but we are mentioning the top two in case you are planning to buy one.


This machine is the real-life word ‘awesome’! The machine comes in 4 categories all carrying unique features and functions that work according to the size and breed of your dog. The machine washes and dries the dog on its own. The machine is designed keeping the needs of dog in mind, while making sure it is super convenient and hassle free for the owner. The machine ensures a smooth bathing experience for dog and provides water at a very comfortable temperature. I-Clean dog wash uses organic shampoo only and sprays evenly on dog’s body to ensure thorough cleaning of dog’s fur.

And what sets it apart from other machines is the feature of listening to audio instructions in the voice of your favorite celebrity! Your favorite celebrity will guide you through the process of wash. If you wish to know what that means, check out their website and click the faces of your favorite celebrities. Hence, it doesn’t just make cleaning efficient, it makes it fun!


This one has been available commercially for a long time since it provides very budget friendly dog wash while your car also gets some washing! This one is mostly found next to car wash services. It’s a great way to add value to the car wash venture since no dog owner ever refuses a hassle free dog wash that too for minimal bucks. The benefit is that it comes at a great price and has a very low risk factor. The machine provides all the necessary facilities for your dog to make him squeaky clean in less time.

There are many more options available online, all of them with many value added options that take care of everything without you having to worry. But of course all those are commercial options so dog owners may not find them very useful. For people who like to wash their dogs at home all by themselves, here is something you should have: YOOMEE shower attachment! This attachment can be used for indoor or outdoor washing, it connects very easily and quickly to any spout. It even comes with 12 months warranty.