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Treating dogs as humans is a form of abuse

The love we feel for our pets can lead us to lose our balance and show an overwhelming love for them. It may take us to treat them as human. This can be extremely dangerous. Animals have very different needs than ours. Let us see how humanize is also a form of abuse.

We must be aware of the similarities and differences between dogs and us. Only in this way, do we become tolerant, respectful and enjoy the coexistence with our can and he can do the same.

treating dogs

They have needs that are attributed to the canine species. Applying a few different ones can lead to losing your personality or worse. For example, dogs do not need to sleep in a bed, or change their menu every day.

Treating a dog as a person can lead to negative human thoughts and feelings such as revenge or rancor.

The good education of a dog is essential for good coexistence. In addition, to achieve this we must understand that they do not think like us. Learn thanks to associative memory. He is able to remember the consequences of his actions and relates them to something positive or negative acting in conformity.

Similarities with us

They also like to listen to music. Thanks to its sharpness sensory, perceiving something nice, your body produces cortisol and endorphins that give you a sense of wellbeing and relaxation. So much so that musical therapy takes place with dogs as well.

Differences with us

Dogs have an incredible olfactory ability. They are capable of perceiving stimuli that we will never perceive. This makes them to be used for rescue and rescue operations.

On the other hand, an animal does not have a great capacity to differentiate flavors, so with the feed manufactured especially for them has all the nutrients and food needed. Moreover, feeding the animal with food than we eat may be more harmful than beneficial.

Dangers of treating dogs as humans
Seen that the dogs are very different from us, it is clear that their needs are different. So meeting unnecessary needs would only confuse the animal. This could lead to problems of coexistence and behavior.

Dogs are pack animals pack. In order to educate them and behave the way we want them, they must feel that we are their leader. If we treat him as a human, he could become confused and want to occupy a place that does not belong to him.

This could trigger aggressive behavior with family members, other pets and even other people.

On the other hand, humanizing a dog would make him lose his identity. If the dog does not feel like it, he will no longer be enthusiastic about going outside, eating when it is time, rolling around on the floor, playing with other dogs.

Another problem that could trigger humanizing a dog is socialization. A dog that is treated with a human, do not want to be with other furry, something essential to his personality and his good development. This would make the animal not a happy animal that enjoyed the company of its fellow men and would be stealing something that corresponds to it.

Socialization is fundamental for the balance of the animal, so not having this would motivate the dog to react exaggerated to certain situations, which could cause him unnecessary suffering that could have been avoided.

With all this, we do not want to imply that we should not love our dogs or anything, but we must do this in perspective no matter what they are: dogs, not humans.

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