Does a Dog’s Size Determine It’s Life Expectancy?

an adult brown Gordon Setter and a Pug relaxing together

Larger animals live longer lives than smaller ones (most, if not all, of the time). Consider this: humans live much longer than cats, live longer than rats, and live longer than flies. But why isn’t this true for animals inside of their species? A person weighing 150 pounds will almost certainly live … Read more

Tips to Ensure Your Dog Stays Healthy

Tips to Ensure Your Dog Stays Healthy

Dogs are definitely man’s best friend for a good reason. Most of the time, dogs are loyal and sweet; people also represent them as intelligent animals due to their trained nature. Dogs are brilliant indeed, especially when they are appropriately taken care of with their needs and wants. Not only will they … Read more

How To Care For Your Sick Dog

Pug in a blanket

Pets are no less than family. Many pet owners prefer having dogs. While it is fun to have one, owners worry when they feel under the weather. The first thing to do when your dog is sick is visiting the Vet. Alongside, there are some steps that you can do to help … Read more

Top 6 Possible Reasons Your Dog Isn’t Eating

Possible Reasons Your Dog Isn't Eating

Is your dog or puppy all of a sudden refusing to eat their food? Do you have no idea why this is happening? It can be very distressing to have a dog who is not eating and to have no idea what to do about it. Dogs are normally voracious eaters, so … Read more

Dogs Hot Spots: What’s Causing Them and How To Treat Them

Dogs Hot Spots Whats Causing Them and How To Treat Them

If your fur-nugget has been dealing with itchy hot spots on their skin, then you have a pup that is a constant state of discomfort and agony. I dare you to Google hot spots on dogs — but don’t do it because the images are terrible. Moist Dermatitis — otherwise known as … Read more

Could Your Pet Be Allergic to Your Home?

Could Your Pet Be Allergic to Your Home

When thinking of allergens in the home, we usually make the mistake of only considering the effects on humans. However, there are also allergens that might affect our pets without us realizing it. In order to be a responsible pet owner, it’s important to remember that indoor air quality affects pet health … Read more

Is CBD Oil a Good Idea for Your Dog?

Good idea for your Dog

When you have a new dog, you want to do everything you can to help them stay healthy. Supplements have become as big of a deal in the pet industry as they are for humans, and one you may have heard a lot of talk about is CBD oil. But is it really a … Read more

How to Help Your Dog Cope with the Stress of Moving

dog Moving out

Dogs are often known for their happy-go-lucky attitude, their loyalty, and their desire to be part of the family. They are happy to be with their owners at all times, no matter where their owner may be. With that said, just like with humans, dogs can feel stressed out and anxious from … Read more

What Vaccine Shots Does Your Dog Need Every Year?


Like humans, dogs need vaccines to prevent the risk of getting contagious diseases and provide immunity. It may sometimes require a booster to keep it effective. The frequency of getting vaccines must depend on the age of the dog, its vaccination record and the risks which the dog is exposed to. Some … Read more

Reasons why your dog has stopped drinking water


A living being’s refusal to drink water can be a worrisome sign, no matter how long it goes on. Dogs may refuse to drink water for a short period or an extended one, but the longer it goes, the worse it bodes for your pet. It is important to look for clues … Read more