7 tips for coping with the death of your pet

For a lot of people, a pet dog is not just a dog. It’s a special member of the family that brings fun, loyalty, and companionship to our lives. You may have spent years with a dog and it has become a part of your everyday life, cheering you up, and bringing … Read more

Pessimism is also a danger for dogs

Pessimism is also a danger for dogs

A farmer wanted to make a contest between his dog and rabbit. He hid a bone and a carrot. While the rabbit began to dig and dig, the dog remained in place bemoaning how difficult it will be to find the bone. The rabbit was not discouraged with each new hole in … Read more

The 7 most dangerous diseases that your pet may suffer

The 7 Most Dangerous Diseases that Your Pet May Suffer

As much as you want to take care of your dog, unfortunately, like people, at some point in their lives dogs also get ill. It doesn’t matter how responsible you are, how overprotective you are, sickness can happen and it is not your fault. Just like us humans, dogs have a proper … Read more