Is CBD Oil a Good Idea for Your Dog?

When you have a new dog, you want to do everything you can to help them stay healthy. Supplements have become as big of a deal in the pet industry as they are for humans, and one you may have heard a lot of talk about is CBD oil. But is it really a good idea to give your new dog cannabis oil?

CBD Oil Won’t Get Your Puppy High

CBD oil is something that sounds controversial, but actually it isn’t at all. People tend to think that giving a dog a marijuana product will make the dog feel stoned and is not therefore an ethical thing to do as a pet owner. In reality, CBD oil doesn’t contain the THC compound found in marijuana, which is what causes the high. This means that when you buy a CBD oil product aimed at dogs, like Canna Companion products, you won’t be making your dog feel stoned or drowsy. You will be giving your dog all the famous health benefits that come with cannabis without making him or her feel stoned.

Is CBD Oil a Good Idea for Your Dog

CBD oil fights cancer

CBD oil has an anti-tumor properties therefore it helps the body fight the cancer cells and destroy the tumor. CBD strengthens the body immunity and helps the body fight against all the cancer causing cells and kill them. CBD can inhibit the growth of cancer cell and hence causes the death of tumor cells.

There have been real life cases of dogs with tumors and cancer that got treated within a few months by the help of CBD. Your veterinarian would be able to quote a few examples easily.

CBD Reduces anxiety

CBD oil has already played an important role in human medical history as it has been reported to be the best medication for panic disorders and stress. Many researches have been done to study its anti-stress properties. Therefore, if you are planning to give CBD oil to your dog especially if he’s suffering from separation anxiety or any other stressful period then you are doing the best thing!


CBD oil plays a good part in increasing the appetite of humans and animals alike. IF YOUR dog isn’t eating fine there could be any reason, may be the reason for his loss of appetite is that something is bothering him mentally. He may be disturbed by some sudden change of location or he’s just been through a major surgery. If your doctor recommends him the CBD oil then feel free to give him. CBD is very effective and the results are fast!

CBD oil protects mental health

CBD oil has been used in human medication because it protects the nervous system. It protects the brain and spinal cord from destructive cells and toxicity. CBD has been used to cure patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases and is regarded as a very powerful tool in causing the death of free radicals, which are very dangerous for human and pet alike.

CBD is good for digestive system too

Other than all the benefits related to nervous system, CBD is equally effective for digestive system as it helps cure the inflammatory bowel diseases. It can relieve the pet of any digestive issue, no matter if it’s chronic or not. And as mentioned earlier CBD helps increase the appetite as well which brings the digestive system back on track.

Why Give Your Dog CBD Oil?

CBD oil is beneficial to humans and dogs alike. It is used by a lot of people as something they vape using eCigs or take as a dietary supplement. This is because the cannabinoids in it have positive effects in terms of mood, sleep, and relaxation, even when the THC that causes the effects people use marijuana for recreationally aren’t present. When given to dogs, the CBD oil can have a great effect on how tame and calm the dog is. It is used often for dogs with behavior issues to help stabilize their mood and make them more chilled out. CBD oil is also very nutritious and can provide benefits even to dogs that do not have issues with behavior or neuroticism.  It can make the dog have better sleep cycles and generally feel better. This makes it a very good supplement to offer your dog.

How to Give Your Dog CBD Oil

If you are interested in using CBD oil for the health of your dog, then the first thing you need to do is choose a product designed for dogs and make sure you are using the recommended dosage for the size of dog you have. You should then add the CBD oil to your dog’s food in the dose suggested. This is an easy way to add something very beneficial into what your dog eats. It becomes simply an addition to what you feed your dog and can become a part of your general pet care routine.

There are a lot of good reasons to give your dog the benefits of CBD oil, and it is not hard to add it in as a supplement. Choose a product designed for dogs and incorporate it into your dog’s regular diet. You should see the benefits fairly quickly once you do this

CBD doesn’t cause tolerance and have minimal side effects

The main concern before using any strange drug is whether the drug has any side effects so we are going to answer this now. CBD is a very strong drug but it has minimal side effects and those side effects can be avoided if you buy a high quality CBD. When purchasing the CBD make sure it is free of additives, and the oil has high amount of CBD in it. Also, don’t cheap out, because the drug that’s better in quality and purer would not come cheap. If you buy low quality CBD oil it may contain fungicides and pesticides therefore, always go for the pricey drug.

Another main concern for pet owners is usually whether the drug would cause tolerance if used for a longer time. No! CBD doesn’t cause tolerance and hence would be equally effective in the same amount after a year, as it was in the beginning. The body will not produce any resistance to the drug nor any tolerance.

CBD works as a pain killer

CBD relieves the patient of any pain, caused by surgeries, disorders or just stress. Hence CBD can be used as a painkiller if the pain is unbearable.

If you are planning on giving your dog a CBD oil, it’s better to consult the veterinarian for a good quality CBD.

You can also buy a hemp oil from amazon though it is different from CBD oil since a few components are missing but it’s still a good alternative and provides many benefits like CBD. Hemp oil is good if you are unable to find a proper CBD oil, because both are extracted from same plant and the difference is very minor.