Are dogs able to eat tuna?

Are dogs able to eat tuna

Fresh fish is an important part of a healthy human diet. The same is true for dogs, as fish is rich in digestible protein, nutrients, and omega-3, which help your dog to grow and thrive. Many pet owners introduce seafood snacks to their dogs’ diet while mixing in a little fish to … Read more

Are dogs nocturnal? How much sleep do they need?

dogs nocturnal

Every animal has evolved to follow a particular sleep pattern. For example, humans evolved to be diurnal (active during the day and sleep at night) because our brains signal the release of hormones (that reduce our blood pressure, stress levels, and body temperatures) when the amount of light entering our eyes diminish. … Read more

The Best Brain Games for Dogs

The Best Brain Games for Dogs

One of the best ways you get a well-behaved dog is to keep them occupied. If they’re too busy doing something fun, then they can’t get into the trash or rip up the couch cushions. Playing some brain games with your dog will be a fun activity for you and them. Using … Read more

Topical Flea Treatment For Pets

Topical Flea Treatment For Pets

Fleas and ticks are not just a nuisance, but they may also be dangerous to your pet’s health if they are not treated properly. Failure to treat your pet for fleas and ticks, whether through topical application or oral administration, can result in a variety of health problems, including everything from flea … Read more

New Dog Owner? 4 Things To Consider When Buying Dog Food

New Dog Owner 4 Things To Consider When Buying Dog Food

Are you in the process of getting a dog? Is it the first dog you have ever owned? If so, you are more than likely excited and nervous about what lies ahead. Introducing a dog into your life requires several changes to your lifestyle to accommodate the new addition. Decisions have to … Read more

4 Most Common Animals Targeted for Poaching

4 Most Common Animals Targeted for Poaching

One of the most important factors to natural ecosystems is biodiversity. Nature is a strange and mysterious thing, and it’s not uncommon to see certain instances or times of imbalance, however, nature always has a way of getting things back on track. When it comes to thriving ecosystems, biodiversity is one of … Read more

Dog Proofing Your Furniture

a Jack Russell destroying a pillow on a sofa

When you invest money in a piece of accent furniture, you will want to take care of it. It is critical to protect it over time to get the most out of your investment. However, If you have dogs in your home, you’ll need to learn how to dog-proof the furniture. While … Read more

How to Find the Best Pet Insurance: Compare Results Online

How to Find the Best Pet Insurance Compare Results Online

Pets represent such a huge part of the experience of life. Whether you’re a dog person or a cat person or anything in between, you know that these animals find a special way into your heart and they become a very real part of your family. The moment you bring home your … Read more