Teaching a Dog to Track by Scent

a dog on a lawn and the hand of its owner holding a ball

When a dog tracks, it uses its nose to track a specific scent. Dogs are born with the ability to track. Your dog most likely began tracking when he was a very young puppy—because his eyes hadn’t yet opened, he needed to utilize his nose to locate his mother so he could … Read more

Tips for Crating Your New Puppy

Puppy playing with his owner

Crate training your pup will give more benefits than you think. They will have a safe and comfortable space to run to when things get a bit overwhelming for them. It can also prevent your dogs from munching furniture and other items they see in your home. Not only will that save … Read more

Tips to Make your Pet Cat and Dog Get Along

Cat and dog close to each other

Whenever we see cats and dogs, our first instinct is that they fight all the time. Primarily, the fact they do is how producers represent them in TV shows and movies. So, people tend to stir away from getting both animals simultaneously to prevent the utter chaos that’s bound to happen. But … Read more

Should You Allow Your Dog to Sleep in Your Bed?

a woman playing with her dog in bed

Have you ever looked forward to getting in bed only to find your furry friend hugging the blanket before you even get in? Snuggling up along with your four-legged buddy feels good but is it safe?  Many pet owners wonder if sleeping with their dogs is safe and healthy. Let’s take a … Read more

How to Teach a Dog Tricks

A person giving a dog a treat

Having a dog as a pet usually means that you’re in for an exciting and active time. No matter what kind of breed or mix of dog you get, most of them require a decent amount of exercise. Dogs are also really happy when their humans play with them, so get ready … Read more

Introducing Your Dog to Your New Baby

Introducing Your Dog to Your New Baby

Having a new baby to bring home is really exciting. However, what’s exciting for you and your partner might be confusing or sometimes frightening for your pet dog. It’s because, for them, a baby seems like a human but it smells, sounds, and moves differently. Aside from that, your new baby will … Read more

Tips for Taking your Dog Swimming

Dog jumping on the pool

Just like for humans, swimming can also be a fun activity for dogs. It is a great way to stay cool during hot days. They can chase after sticks and balls while spending time with your family. But taking your dog swimming entails a lot of responsibilities too because there are a … Read more

Tips to Better Control your Dog’s Barking


Barking is a natural form of communication for dogs. You must never expect a dog to stop barking. However, sometimes dogs bark excessively that it becomes annoying for you and your neighbors. You wanted to relax and take a nap in the afternoon, but your dog’s barking keeps you awake. You invite … Read more

Training Your Puppy to Go on Walks

Training Your Puppy to Go on Walks

So, you have a new puppy. Great! Now you have someone to walk with around the neighborhood. All you need to have is a leash and a collar, and then you can head out the door while towing your new little buddy to any dog walking trails near Philadelphia. Not so fast! … Read more

Guide to Potty Training Your Puppy

Guide to Potty Training Your Puppy

Getting a new puppy can be exciting, but you need to be ready with the responsibilities attached to adopting one. They might be cute and fluffy, but you have to deal with their mess. That’s why, especially if you are going to make it an indoor pet, you need to potty train … Read more