Tips to Make your Pet Cat and Dog Get Along

Whenever we see cats and dogs, our first instinct is that they fight all the time. Primarily, the fact they do is how producers represent them in TV shows and movies. So, people tend to stir away from getting both animals simultaneously to prevent the utter chaos that’s bound to happen. But if you love your trusted canine and feline friend, what if we told you there’s a way for them to be used to each other and not just fight right off the bat? In complete contrast with the stigma on their representation on TV, cats and dogs can live together in peace inside the same home.

How to Make a Cat and Dog Get Along

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Remember, dogs and cats are like children, especially when they are still young. They need complete assistance from our owners to ensure they have everything they need to survive and live peacefully. The same goes with how they will get along with one another, it doesn’t happen overnight, and it doesn’t happen without any support from you. Luckily, we’re here to help you out. Also, here are our top recommendations if you are searching for the best online casino.

1. Obedience Training: Teaching your pets to be obedient plays a vital role in their individual growth and their relationship with one another. Naturally, they would often fight or going for a run and chase around the house. Dogs are often the predator due to their instincts to pursue smaller critters like rabbits and cats. So as owners, it would help if you taught them to be obedient by letting them know that chasing cats, let alone smaller animals, is unacceptable. It could be vice versa if you think your cats are the dominant ones.

2. The smell is Important: Both animals familiarize themselves mostly by smell. They get used to anyone’s scent, so they know who the threat might be. That’s why they tend to be aggressive when they meet new animals. What you can do is, once they have their own spaces, try to switch them up. By doing so, they can be familiar with the scent the other animal has. You can also put their toy or maybe a towel they used in their space so that they can identify the smell.

3. Supervised Interaction: If you own both animals, interaction with one another is bound to happen. But if you’re still skeptical about the outcome, make sure every interaction is under your supervision. Avoid the chase down at all times because if your dog gets used to it, he will adjust to being a predator to your cat. Don’t let anyone be aggressive; interfere right away if they show signs of aggression.

4. Cat’s Readiness: If your cat still runs away during their meeting with the dog, it only means they are not yet ready. Do things necessary to make them prepared to face the dog. They might not have adjusted with the dog’s scent; try to do other techniques so they can be familiar with the scent. Keep on doing supervised interaction until the cat is fully adjusted.

5. Equal Affection: This is a no-brainer. Animals are like humans; they can feel jealousy if they see and feel left out for someone or something else. So if you want them to get along much better, show them equal amounts of affection and love, especially if they’re with one another. If you can rub them at the same time or maybe spend quality time with both of them. With that, they will feel loved and appreciated at all times.

6. Cat’s Safe Spot: From the word itself, this will be the safe spot for your cat to run away from the dog. So make sure that this safe spot is not reachable by your dog. This spot will also prevent the cat from being aggressive when backed in a corner. Safe spots can either be a cat tree or a baby gate in a hallway; either way, dogs wouldn’t be able to reach the cat. On the other hand, click the link if you want to know the best online casino newzealand

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Fur Parent Responsibility

Always remember that being a fur parent is like raising a child. Cats and dogs, like children, will require you to give them ample amounts of time and affection to grow appropriately. It’s solely up to you on how they will grow; if they grow up with a lot of aggression towards others, you might want to think back on what you’ve done during their critical stage. You don’t need to know everything to raise a pet; as long you know to show affection and love, everything else will follow.