Three Incontestable Reasons Your Pet May Need a CT Scan

Whether you have an adorable cat or a majestic horse, every pet owner has their own reasons to fall in love with their pets. No pet owner ever wants to see their precious friend in harm’s way. After all, it does not take long for pets to become a part of your family.

Every pet owner understands that loving a pet is not just about taking them for a walk and spending quality time together. It also means that you always stay vigilant about their health and keep looking out for signs of any danger so that you can get them the right attention in time.

Caring for your pets has been revolutionized even further with the availability of a CT Scan. It works by producing an image of the internal anatomy of animals. It has helped many problems in animals being diagnosed and treated in time.

Here are some reasons why your pet may need a CT scan as soon as possible.

1. Presence of Tumors

Just like human beings, animals are also susceptible to tumors. These abnormal growths can be harmless in some cases. However, they can also risk the life of your pet by turning into cancer. In such times, a timely diagnosis can be a lifesaver. 

A scan with the help of an efficient veterinary ct scanner can help diagnose even the smallest of tumors. If lucky, the tumor can be diagnosed before it turns life-threatening. This way, the chances of your pet’s survival can increase significantly.

On the contrary, delaying a CT scan on your pets, especially after the vet’s recommendation, can be one of the worst mistakes you can make. After all, there is no use in feeling terrible after your pet’s health condition cannot be stopped in its tracks.

2. Severe Head Injuries

Everyone likes their pets being happy, cheerful, and pouncing around with joy. However, it is not uncommon for pets to fall or bump their heads during a sport or in any unfortunate accidents. Just as with all other living beings, head injuries can be very serious for animals too.

It is important to understand the access of damage to find optimum solutions for the problem. In such circumstances, a CT scan is the best tool to assess the damage caused by the head injury. This scan can help you look for internal bleeding, blood clots, and fractures. Hence, CT scans give vets the opportunity to take action accordingly.

3. Dental Diseases

It is not uncommon for pets to quit eating due to several health conditions. While the list of dental diseases among pets is long, one of the biggest culprits on the list may be dental diseases. These diseases can be extremely uncomfortable and painful for pets. Unfortunately, they are unable to communicate their pain with words. 

In such circumstances, a CT scan can help look for signs of dental diseases. These signs may not show under the naked eye, but the scan can help see issues with jaws and teeth to take action accordingly.