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7 tips for coping with the death of your pet

From the first day, that our pet comes home with us becomes part of the family, to be one more. All those who have pet cannot achieve understand the love that you get to have that furry little thing that accompanies us every day of his life on tour of the world, life and society. Therefore, deal with the death of your pet is not easy.

He becomes our most faithful friend, our confidant, and our cloth tears. However, like everything in life, all happiness has an end, and based on our friendship with our partner too. A more difficult situation that can happen to someone with pet overcome his death we can not think.

tips for coping with death pet cat

Some decide soon adopt another, others prefer not to go through it or simply do not believe could love another pet as the previous one. Have you passed you by evil swallow losing your loyal friends? Look at the advice we give you below to help you overcome your death.

How to get over the death of your pet?

When a pet is about to die there are a thousand and one questions that go through our minds, and it is vital answer to overcome the imminent death of our faithful and loyal friend. Here are some and answers.

1-What will I feel?

Denial. You will see the face of your pet from anywhere, you will open the doors thinking that is there and you cannot even assume happened. Quiet, time will erase that feeling.
Culpa. You will think it was your fault that you cared not well. If it was a disease you not just think the time, you detected. Do not condemn, animals die and has its day as one day happen to us.

Anger. You may be angry with the vet because he did not save his life, or that car that you went through and made you late for consultation. It’s not anyone ‘s fault, it’s likely that even some of those things had changed your pet also have died.

2-Is it normal this pain?

Yes. As we said earlier, a beast becomes part of the family; it is like losing one more. Perhaps many do not understand, but do not be ashamed of your pain or hide it. Mourn is necessary to cope with the loss..

3-Who will comfort me?

Someone you trust your family or a friend who is also an animal lover. Perhaps someone who has been through the death of a pet. They will understand your feelings and be true consoling.

4-If euthanasia, should I stay?

Having to “kill “your pet to avoid suffering can be even harder to lose it in an accident or old age. Some believe that being present in the moment and grab the leg of your pet until it dies is the ultimate act of love and loyalty that we can give our animal.

It may be, or not. The truth is that everyone is different and lives differently relationship with your pet. Therefore, examine yourself and think clearly how you would react if you were present and how you would feel if the last image of your friend was dying. If you think you are not ready, do not go. Your pet already knows you love her.

5-What do I do with his remains?

This is a question that can fill you with concern. Some people decide to take the animal and bury it in the garden or somewhere. There are veterinarians who are cremated and their remains. There are also companies that make pet funerals or you return his ashes in an urn you choose and you can even customize and take it home. It’s your decision.

6-How do I explain to my children?

This can be a very sensitive issue. They say the truth to be everywhere and we are in favor of it. Only we believe that we must be tactful in how he explained the smaller your pet is gone. Use phrases like “has been” can create doubt in the small and make the animal continue to wait again.

7-Should I adopt another pet?

This can only answer it yourself, but it is advisable to allow some time for the pain to go away and we can give the new partner a stable home without suffering and comparisons after the death of your pet.

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