How to Make Your Pet Dog Look Posh

Most pet owners would want their dogs to look stylish and beautiful, which is why many of them would often do their best to keep their dogs well-groomed every day. However, not all breeds are posh dog breeds, so pet owners would usually struggle to make these non-posh dogs look at least presentable. However, with a few simple or basic tricks, you can make the scraggliest pets look stylish in no time. So, here are the tips on how to make your pet dog look posh.

Get Them Some Amazing Accessories


The most subtle way to make your pet dog look posh is to get them some amazing accessories to wear. These accessories include dog collars, which can come in a variety of sizes and colors, and harnesses if you want a safer way to walk your dog since it doesn’t put too much pressure on the dog’s neck. Furthermore, you can also pair these designer collars or harnesses up with a leash that looks stylish as well.

If you want to level up the stylishness of your posh pet dog further, you can also buy accessories made by luxury brands like Swarovski Louis Vuitton, which surprisingly has a section dedicated to styling dogs. However, since these designer dog collars and Swarovski dog collars are designed by luxury brands, expect them to be quite pricy, so make sure that you have the budget to buy these luxury dog collars for your pets.

Dress Them Up Nicely (And Safely)

dog with clothes

Another great way to make your dog look absolutely stylish is to dress them up with clothes that would fit them nicely. Most of the smaller and less furry dog breeds would feel comfortable wearing clothes, especially during the winter, where they may need extra warmth that their natural fur can’t provide. But, for those with very thick coats or layers of fur, it may not be suitable for them to wear clothes, so it would be best for them to stick to just wearing accessories.

If you want to dress up your pet dog, it would be important to know if the season is appropriate for dressing up. In the fall and winter seasons, or generally in the days where it’s cold outside, it would be great to dress up dogs so that they will stay warm. So, a nice set of clothes would be nice Christmas gifts to give to our furry buddies. Moreover, it would also be neat if you could let them wear booties, which can protect their paws and feet against the cold. In the summer season, it would be best not to dress them up so that their bodies won’t experience overheating. Remember that our dogs’ well-being is more important than their looks or appearance.

Take Care of Their Coat

dog with coat walking on snow

The natural method of getting your dog to look posh is to take care of their coat, which can be quite difficult to do on your own but can be rewarding once you’ve seen how your pet looks afterward. The simplest step in taking care of their coat is to brush it every day, and this procedure not only keeps their coat straight, but it also helps in getting rid of dead skin cells and dirt that can damage the dog’s coat in the long run.

The next step is to bathe them with the right shampoo, which means that the product should be safe for them so that they won’t develop allergic reactions or skin rashes. There are many safe shampoo products that you can buy online, although you may want to check out some reviews first to make sure they are 100% safe.

Get Them Groomed Professionally


If you think that taking care of your pet’s coat is not enough for them to look posh, then you may need to get them groomed professionally. Through a professional groomer, your pet dog will receive the best grooming that he or she will experience, as the groomer can take care of things that cannot be taken care of through standard dog brushes and shampoo products.

Professional pet groomers would often use high-quality tools and products to give dogs the most comfortable and stress-free grooming time, as they will feel no pain, and they will even get some treats after the session. If you want your pet’s coat to look elegant for longer periods of time, it is important to get your pet groomed regularly, which is typically once every one to two months.

Making your pet dog look 100% posh can be challenging, but with perseverance and a little bit of fashion sense, you can be successful in getting them to appear stylish and fashionable. Of course, royal dog collars, harnesses, booties, and clothes are not enough to make them look posh, so you would need to groom their coat too. Taking care of their coat is also beneficial for their health, as they will have healthier fur that won’t have fleas and other harmful elements that can get your pet sick.