Should You Dress Your Puppy in Clothes?

There are puppy owners who love to dress up their pets while some people are skeptical when it comes to wearing clothing on their puppies. Some people dress their puppies as if they are their kids, some because of the weather, while others don’t because they think it’s not right. But should you really dress your puppy in clothes? If you’re also contemplating whether dressing up your puppy is right or wrong, then we’re here to give you some of the best reasons why you should and you should not dress your puppy in clothes.

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Reasons to Dress Your Puppy in Clothes

The main reason why pet owners dress their puppies in clothes is for protection. Here are some of the reasons why puppies are dressed in clothes.

For warmth

Dressing puppies in clothes can give them warmth. This is beneficial especially for hairless dogs, shorthair breeds, and as well as shaved or clipped puppies who are vulnerable to cold weather. For small dogs and puppies, it’s easier for them to lose a lot of body heat and they find it challenging to create enough body warmth to stay cozy because their coats do not offer adequate protection from the cold.

When they have health issues

If your puppy has an illness like the Cushing’s disease, it can affect its coat and make it liable to feeling cold even indoors. Therefore, clothing your puppy can keep it warm.

To stay cool during hot days

A lot of pet owners shave their pups in summer, however, this can make their pets miss the insulation provided by their natural fur. Puppies with light-colored skin may suffer a lot of skin damage in hot weather especially when exposed to the harsh rays of the sun. This is the reason why working, police, and sporting dogs wear lightweight summer coats to keep them protected. Therefore, if you love to take your dog out for walks and adventures, dressing them in clothes can keep them protected.

To stay clean

Dressing your puppies in clothes can also help keep them clean. Clothes can serve as a form of buffer especially when your puppy goes out to play. It is beneficially when your puppy rolls in the grass or mud because its clothes will get dirty but not its fur.

Aside from these reasons, some pet owners dress their puppies just for the heck of it, and there’s actually nothing wrong with that. However, you also need to be cautious when dressing your puppies because you need to see first if they are comfortable or not. Remember, every pet is different and they have individual reactions to wearing clothes.

Reasons to Not Dress Your Puppy in Clothes

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Here are some of the reasons why it’s not a great idea to dress your puppy in clothes.

Can cause anxiety

In many views, no clothes are best for your puppy. It’s because some pet owners believe that putting them in clothes acts like a punishment for them and can cause anxiety. They think that when puppies are dressed in clothes, they will feel the same as when they are locked in their kennels for something they did.

It can be dangerous

When you dress your puppy in clothes, it can put them in danger because a part of their outfit might get caught on something or they could choke as well.

It can cause them to overheat

Puppies and other pets have their natural furs that keep them warm. Therefore, when we dress them in clothes, there will be additional warmth for their body which can cause them to overheat especially during hot weather.

Their movements can be restricted

When puppies wear clothes, they sometimes cannot do other dog things because their movements are restricted by clothing. They may find it difficult to run in the part or play with other dogs like they would without clothes.

In short, dressing puppies for other people are simply unnecessary. For them, there’s no need to dress up your puppy and it can only harm their well-being.

So, Should You Dress Your Puppy in Clothes?

After knowing the reasons on why you should and should not dress your puppy in clothes, which do you think is best? Well, there’s actually no right and wrong answer because the decision will depend mainly on your pet and the situation.  Check Here for Dog Clothes options to consider.

Wearing clothing is really not a natural thing for puppies but there are a lot of them who tolerate it, while some appear completely indifferent. If you choose to dress your puppy in clothes and he or she is comfortable in it, then why not? Just remember to always supervise your dressed puppy to prevent him from getting snagged on something. But if your puppy is not comfortable with clothes, then it’s better to just leave him or her nude. In fact, a nude dog is best when engaged in physical activities like running and playing because it can prevent injury and overheating.

So, the answer is yes, you should dress your puppy in clothes if your pet has a legitimate need to get dressed and he is comfortable with it, and no, if your dog is upset and uncomfortable in clothing.