Dog Breeds that Originated in Spain

The dog is a tamed descendant of the gray wolf. Dogs make excellent companion, whether at home or outside. Its devotion to people distinguishes it from other domesticated pets. Let’s learn about the dog breeds that originated in Spain.

Ibizan Hound


This canine hails from the Island of Ibiza and is also referred to as the Ibizan Warren Hound. It is regarded as a domestic dog. This type of dog is distinguished by its erect ears. It features a long neck, a straight upper arm, a slender, athletic body, and relaxed shoulders. Their nose, ears, eyes, back, neck, upper part of the legs, and upper part of the tail are all covered in a blend of red and white fur. It has amber-colored eyes. It can jump very high because of its extraordinarily long and straight legs. It is regarded as being independent, sweet, and intelligent. It also makes a good watchdog. It can live up to 14 years.



The English Greyhound may have been an ancestor of this serene, subdued, kind, and relaxed canine. The Spanish Greyhound, or Galgo Espanol, is distinguished by its long, streamlined head, higher rear than front, and longer tails. They may have two different coat types, one that is rough and the other that is smooth, as well as a variety of colors and patterns. They were previously employed for hare hunting. They also thrive in dog sports like as lure coursing and racing. On the contrary, they are noted for being a pleasant and quiet home dog.

Catalan Sheepdog


This breed is employed as a sheepdog as well as a house pet. However, because of their intelligence and cheerfulness, they are regarded as all-around dogs. They can reach a height of 19 inches and weigh 60 pounds. Their coat is lengthy and wavy at times and covers all four limbs and tail. Their fur is a mixture of gray, black, fawn, brownish, and reddish colors.

They have adorable eyebrows, tufts, beards, and mustaches. They don’t require much maintenance, and their only health issue is a propensity for hip dysplasia. They can live for 12 to 14 years.

Pyrenean Mastiff


This dog breed, also known as Mostin and Gos Romader, originated in the Kingdom of Aragon. They are utilized as livestock guard dogs, particularly during migration to new grazing pastures. They keep predators away from the livestock. This breed has a notably huge build. They grow to be 28-30 inches tall and weigh 60-90 kg. They have a thick white coat with patches and spots of either dark or light color.

Spanish Mastiff


Mastin Espanol is another name for this huge and powerful dog. They can grow to be 33 inches tall and weigh 40-60 kg. It is utilized as a livestock guardian due to its size, booming voice and extreme vigilant demeanor. It has small eyes and drooping ears. It has a thick coat of either fawn, black, brindle, or reddish tint.

They might be hostile to other dogs due to their guardian instinct. Although this dog is renowned for its incredible loyalty, due to its size, it would need a large location with a fence if kept as a house pet. Due to its booming voice, it is not recommended for urban homes. This enormous dog has a reputation for being noble, calm, smart, and dignified.

Presa Canario


Dogo Canario or Canary Mastiff are the other names for this breed. This breed serves as a fighting dog, guard dog, herding dog, and catch dog. This breed is huge, growing up to 66 inches tall and weighing 65 kilos. Its head is large and broad. Its shoulders are lower than its back. It has lopsided ears. Its cat-like paws are only one of its unusual features. This causes the canine to move similarly like a feline.

Andalusian Hound


Galgo Espanol and Andalusian Podenco share genetic ancestry, despite the latter’s long-held belief that it sprang from Egyptian Hounds. There are three sizes available for this active dog breed: small, medium, and giant. Their coat also distinguishes them: smooth, long hair, and wire hair. Their coat is white, brownish, or reddish in color. Its ears are erect like a rabbit’s, and they get even more erect while it is on the prowl. They have a keen sense of sight, smell, and hearing, as well as great endurance and stamina. That is why they are used to hunt rabbits to wild boar. Despite this, they make excellent home pets due to their loyalty and kindness.

Spanish Alano


Alano Espanol, sometimes known as the Spanish Bulldog, is a huge alaunt or bulldog breed. It is 60-63 cm in height and weighs 35-40 kg. It was utilized as a fighting dog and guard dog during the Middle Ages. This dog is claimed to have accompanied the Spanish explorers. In the nineteenth century, it was also employed in bullfighting events.

Its short, dense coat can have patterns in any hue, with fawn, black, or sable wolf serving as the primary colors. The Alano has a square-shaped skull, a short muzzle, and a broad nose. Some Alano have black masks, while others do not. It has erect or clipped ears.  Due to its thick skin, the face and neck have those adorable creases and wrinkles.

Pachon Navarro


This Spanish Breed hunting dog comes from Navarre, Spain. It reaches 60 centimeters in height and weighs up to 30 kilograms. Historically, it is one of the oldest breeds of pointer dogs and has been involved in dog shows in Spain since the 1890s. Usually, it is short-haired. Its dominant color is white with shades and patches of either orange, liver and chestnut.

It has a large, muscular physique, powerful legs, and a distinctive snout that resembles a shotgun because its nostrils are separated from each other.

Podenco Canario


The Canary Islands are home to this breed. It has been utilized in hunting sports up until this point and is typically employed for hunting reasons. It is also known as the Canarian Warren Hound. It is renowned for its long neck, big muzzle, long tail, raised enormous ears, and slim but powerful physique. The appearance of this dog depend on where it was born. Small size breeds are 40 centimeters in height, whereas medium size breeds can grow to 64 centimeters. It has a yellowish, brownish, or reddish coat with tan, brown, or white streaks. Podenco Canario is renowned for being kind and loving with children.

Podenco Valenciano


Podenco Valenciano is often referred to as Xarnego Valenciano. It originates from the Valencia Community in Spain, as the name suggests. It can stand 61 cm tall. The major hues of this breed are cinnamon, black, and light and dark brown. Sometimes their coat is solid in color, but other times it has white patches and streaks on the face, neck, and abdomen.

Three different fur types are present in this breed: smooth and straight hair; semi-long and straight hair; and rough and hard hair.

Andalusian Hound Maneto


This is a medium-sized Andalusian Hound. This is a hunting dog that helps hunters retrieve their catch or hunts rabbits, ducks, quail, and other small animals. Its body is long, but its limbs are short. The creature has triangular, pointy ears. Its short, smooth coat can be either white or cinnamon in color, or even both.

Spanish Water Dog

A curly black and white Spanish water dog.

This athletic, medium-sized breed serves as a gundog, security dog, and sheepdog. It can grow to a height of 50 cm and weighs an average of 22 kg. It is renowned for its adorable curly, dense coat, which comes in a variety of colors, including black and white, beige, solid black, solid brown, and tri-color. They typically have short tails at birth. They should have their coats shorn down once a year because of its fuzzy structure. It is known for its strong and natural herding instinct, for being loyal and diligent.

Perdiguero de Burgos


The fundamental hue of this breed comes in two shades: brown with brown stain and brown with white spots. They have a bushy, sleek coat. They have a maximum height of 67 centimeters and a maximum weight of 30 kilos. They possess the amazing large ears and double chin. This quiet, drawn dog is not suited for city life. This breed has excellent hunting abilities. They are a good choice for hunting and herding due to their speed and strength.

Bichon Frise


Although this type is frequently referred to as a French breed, it actually originated in Spain and was used as a herding or sailing dog. It looks like a cross between a poodle and a spaniel. Curly white fur covers its body. But its ears, muzzle, and paws are cream or apricot in hue, and its nose is black. Its proportionate size allows it to grow to a maximum height of 30 cm and a maximum weight of 11 kilos. Although it is quite territorial, it is lively and kind.


Aside from genetics, mix breeding and cross breeding, dogs get their characteristics and appearance from the place where they originate. The terrain has a great contribution to the development of a dog’s identity.