What are the Benefits of a Pet Tracker?

Raising your trusted canine is no joke. Like kids, our pets need constant care and affection to make sure they’ll be growing healthy and happy. Though you don’t need to be an expert with dogs and cats to ensure their proper growth, it is wise to know a few details and tips that you can use while doing so.

Pet Protection

When it comes to protecting your dog, you must never forget that it’s more than just their collars and leash. There will always be circumstances that your dog might get lost in your neighborhood or maybe in the city itself. Statistically speaking, approximately 10 million pets get lost in the U.S alone, wherein roughly 3.9 million are dogs, and 3.6 million are cats. Sadly, only 15 percent of dogs without ID tags or microchips get to reunite with their owners. The statistics only show how crucial additional pet protection is. There will be times that our pets will be too playful to constraint, and they could just run off the open road and wander around. So, as owners, we need to take additional steps to protect our pets from those unwanted circumstances and not just let them be part of statistics.

dog protection

Benefits of Pet Tracker

Investing in a GPS tracker for your pet will provide long-term benefits. But before you purchase one for your feline friend or canine, how can a GPS Pet Tracker help you and your pet?

  • Efficient Pet Tracing: Out of all the benefits, this might be the obvious one. Once you have a GPS tracker on your pet, it would be much easier to look for them once they get lost. Instead of going around and placing “Missing Pet Fliers” all over your neighborhood, you can quickly whip your phone app and see where their exact location. As long as the tracker is attached to your pet, finding them is easy as 1,2,3.
  • Fitness Monitor: This is more inclined on their health and overall well-being. Like sports watches, modern GPS trackers today can monitor your pet’s prior health status, such as heart rate and the number of steps they take in a day. With the monitoring, you can see if your pets are physically active or not; thus, it can essentially help you to get early signs of problems.
  • Future Proof: As technology quickly grows every day, so as the gadgets we use. Just like we said, the GPS tracker available today is undoubtedly future-proof. Companies were able to integrate them into our most commonly used device – our smartphone. Once you have it installed on your pet, you can simply pull up the app on your phone, and you’ll be able to see the exact location.
  • Pet Friendly: Pet GPS Trackers are no doubt pet-friendly. You don’t necessarily need to attach them directly to your pets. You can stick them firmly on their collars, and they are good to go. Just make sure the tracker won’t fall off easily, especially from those energetic pets who love running and jumping around.


Additional Note

If you can shell out a bit more for a waterproof version of the tracker, the better. Remember, it will be on your pet most of the time, so you won’t have time to remove it if it rains or your pet decides to splash around a puddle. So getting a waterproof tracker could save you from water damage. Plus, always check the durability of the tracker; again, there are pets, especially dogs, that are just too energetic. They would just run around, try to fit corners, and definitely hit their collars all the time. So, before you go buy yourself a pet tracker, check for the most durable ones possible.

More than just a leash

Again, pet protection is more than just buying them a leash and collar. It’s more than giving your pets their own space from possible harsh elements. Pet protection goes a long way; you must always think ahead of the possibilities on what could happen to them. Getting lost is by far one of the unfortunate cases that often happens to our pets. So you wouldn’t go wrong in investing a little bit more for your furbaby; after all, you are a fur parent.