Best Cartoons for Dog Lovers

Dog lovers express their emotions and affections by spending their time with their dogs. This may include surrounding themselves with things related to their dog and even watching movies with dog characters in them. So, if you are one of them, you will undeniably love this list of best cartoons for dog lovers that will melt your heart out.

The list will have rules to consider before a particular dog character is included. There are dozen dog characters from television series and movies, so the list should only contain dog characters closer to a natural dog.

First off, the list should not contain anthropomorphic dogs as they act and think like humans with a face of a dog. Second, dogs that regularly stands upright like a human are not allowed. Lastly, dogs that are fully clothed like humans are also not qualified.

Dog from CatDog

From the Nickelodeon cartoon series, the dog half of CatDog from CatDog Show hardly made it on the list. However, the show’s been telling the fans that CatDog is half cat and half dog; somehow, you will be left thinking about them whether you will treat them as an individual CatDog or treat them with separate personalities. After checking the list of rules, the dog half of CatDog was considered and made on the list.

1. Patch from 101 Dalmatians

Patch is the name of a Dalmatian puppy who is playful and brave enough to speak out the truth about Cruella De Vil. Although he is still a tiny dog, he shows that he can protect his family by all means.

2. Odie from Garfield and Friends

Unlike Garfield, Odie’s thoughts do not translate into dialogues, which makes him act like an average dog that never fails to put a smile on his doggy ways.

3. Courage from Courage The Cowardly Dog

As the name of the show suggests, Courage is a cowardly dog. Yet, he always saves the day, especially Muriel, from the evils and horrors surrounding their house. And you can always be sure that Courage will always overcome his cowardice and does things for love.

4. Max from The Little Mermaid

Max is one of the best sidekicks in any television series and movie. He is the best pal of Prince Eric, and he can sense danger from undercover threats, like when Ursula took human form.

5. Goddard from The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Although Goddard is a mechanical robot dog, he is undoubtedly not anthropomorphic. He is, in fact, an incredible and extraordinary dog that flies and shoots lasers. No rules were violated.

6. Big Dog from Two Stupid Dogs

The name of the show could be misleading, but Big Dog is actually a silent genius. They may seem to display stupid acts, but Big Dog never fails to enlighten you at the end of the day.

7. Dodger from Oliver and Company

Street-smart, confidence, and kind are just some of the words describing Dodger, the best friend of Oliver the cat. Dodger said in the movie that he doesn’t eat cats because of too much fur if you don’t know.

8. Scooby-Doo from Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

The all-time best friend of Shaggy, Scooby-Doo, is a popular dog character in both television series and movie Scooby-Doo, Where are you. It even has a live-action film that exactly portrays all the characters in the cartoon series.

9. Copper from The Fox and The Hound

Copper the hound and his best pal, Tod, the fox, illustrate a story that, despite the differences in status and conditions, the two can become the best of friends. In the movie, the two embark on a journey with many challenges against their friendship; they still managed to overcome all odds.

10. Slinky Dog from Toy Story Movies

Who would not know the famous Toy Story movie series and, of course, the participation of Slinky Dog as Woody’s best pal and sidekick in the movie? Slinky Dog is always there to help the gang using his stretching ability.

11. Toby from The Great Mouse Detective

Toby is the excellent dog from The Great Mouse Detective. Well, how will the characters survive without the help of the all-trusty dog, Toby? In the movie, he is the tracking dog and the means of transportation for Basil.