Protection Dogs and Proper K9 Trainers

Family protection dogs are a great alternative to other methods of protecting one’s home, like guns or alarms. Let’s face it. you can’ pet your guns or alarms, well you can, but that would be plain weird.

Like the name says, protection dogs are dogs that protect your property, especially when you are not paying attention, like relaxing or sleeping. Protection dogs are loyal to their owners and very protective but they, like any living creature, want love and affection too. The key is that they must be properly trained.

The team at Total K9 are experienced pros with the military, security, and police backgrounds. They know what it takes to make sure that dogs are trained properly and effectively. Basically, many dog breeds can be protection dogs, but if you haven’t already bought a protection dog, I would look at either German Sheppards, Dobermans, or Cane Corso’s.

Out of all the dogs that can be trained as protection dogs, though, German Sheppards are considered by most to be the best. Let’s start with physicality: They can stand 26 inches tall, and they are strong, muscular, and they move fast if they think their owner(s) is/are in danger. That brings up their next admirable trait, which is loyalty. Once German Shepperds really get a sense of who their owner is, they will be loyal to that person or persons like a song, daughter, mom, or dad. That loyalty is not easily won, by the way. Hence, thieves that think they can break into one’s home and befriend the family protection dog in one minute are likely in for a big surprise, especially if it’s a German Shepperd guarding the property.

German Sheppards love learning new commands too. They take pride in learning a new command and want to show off their newly acquired skills to their owners. These protection dogs are also very fast and can chase a potential intruder down for miles. Your gun or alarms can’t do that. Also, if you have young children, you don’t have to worry about them finding your gun and trying to use it as a toy. You don’t have to worry about finding your gun or unlocking it from a cabinet if an intruder tries to force his or her way into your property. The protection dog will spring to action immediately, even if he or she is in a really deep sleep.