Löwchen –The Little Lion Dog

A small and affectionate dog: the Löwchen is a real dog lovers’ delight. Several exciting features are apparent in this breed’s appearance; it has a unique look that is sure to capture the attention of dog enthusiasts. A beautiful, thick coat covers the body of this mini dog; it pretty much compliments the image of the breed, giving it the nickname “little lion.”

Underneath the elegant coat is a strong and athletic body. This characteristic fits perfectly for the breed’s lion-looks. Just looking at this dog would surely leave people in awe, mainly because of its irresistible charms; however, don’t be deceived by its adorable appearance since this breed is a true fighter. If there is one thing to describe the Löwchen, it would be its courageous nature. Little as it seems, the Löwchen does prove its capability as a remarkable dog and a reputable ‘little lion.’

Origins of the Löwchen

There is no doubt that the Löwchen is a great breed. However, despite its greatness, there is no concrete record showing its origins. From the name itself, we might come to think that it came from Germany, but historians and breeders don’t have any solid evidence as to where this breed was born.

The breed’s origins have been a point of interest for historians, wherein each of them has their own speculations about the subject. One factor that is unclear about the Löwchen’s history is that it was once a famous noble dog not just in Germany but also in other countries during the Middle Ages, such as France, Italy, Holland, Spain, and Russia. This factor was subject to debate for years and has not yet reached any conclusion.

We may not have many records of the Löwchen, but one thing is for sure, this breed has already existed for many years. There are accounts showing that the breed already lived for atleast 500 years ago; Renaissance art shows the appearance of the Löwchen that looks pretty much the same compared to the little lion we know today. Interestingly, speculations say that the ancestors of the Löwchen include ancient breeds, such as the Bichon Frise and the Maltese.

Over the years, the Löwchen continued to develop as an excellent breed; at the same time, it maintained its original looks and finesse. Today, this breed is known for its adorable looks, mainly for its elegant coat. Besides this, the little lion earned a reputation for its strong physique and positive nature.

Characteristics of the Löwchen

Height: 11 – 13 inches

Weight: 10 – 15 pounds

Life Expectancy: 15+ years

Hypoallergenic: No

The Löwchen is not a complicated dog to describe; we can easily identify it with its small body and beautiful coat. This combination clearly shows why the breed earned its nickname ‘little lion.’ The appearance of the Löwchen shows a distinctive image compared to other toy dogs. It may have the same body when it comes to size, but its other features clearly show a unique look, mainly for its coat.

As mentioned earlier, the Löwchen is a small dog that could stand up to thirteen inches tall and weighs up to fifteen pounds. Underneath the breed’s elegant coat is a strong and muscular built body, which is ready for work. Its appearance might be deceiving at first since it appears to be a charming little dog, but one thing is for sure, this breed is known for its exceptional talent and toughness on the field.

Speaking of talent, the Löwchen is a pretty talented breed. Size is genuinely not a problem for this dog; it can manage to excel in various types of canine tasks. Its balanced characteristics work well in making it an overall versatile breed. It may not be apparent from its appearance, but the Löwchen is a mighty and tough breed.

Moreover, another trait of the Löwchen is its positive nature. Many dog lovers admire this breed for its affectionate and outgoing behavior, which is sure to put a smile on the face of its owners. A once known brave dog of noblemen, the Löwchen flaunts its regal qualities to various dog enthusiasts. If you are looking for a breed that is the perfect combination of charming looks, sturdiness, and talent, the Löwchen is definitely a dog to consider.