Pyrenean Shepherd – The Enthusiastic and Affectionate Herding Dog

Smooth-coated Pyrenean Shepherd

Another breed that originated from the Pyrenean Mountains – the Pyrenean Shepherd is a clear definition of a herding dog. Besides being an all-around herder, the Pyrenean Shepherd is a fascinating breed that flaunts its beautiful looks. Because of its elegant coat, this breed is sure to turn heads on the streets … Read more

Portuguese Podengo – The Versatile Working Dog

A wirehaired Portuguese Podengo

We may see dogs as incredible workers, mainly because of their several excellent qualities. Some of them excel in certain types of canine tasks, such as hunting, herding, guarding, and so on. Interestingly, there are dogs known to be incredibly useful for diverse kinds of jobs. These versatile breeds are equipped with … Read more

Porcelaine – The Independent French Hunter


From the name itself, Porcelaine is a dog that is undoubtedly packed with exciting features. So if you are looking for a dog that is unique, lovable, and trustworthy, Porcelaine is a breed you should consider having at your home. One of the breed’s primary features is its elegant body that also … Read more

Pembroke Welsh Corgi – The Popular Small Herder

A Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Are you a fan of small and cuddly dogs? There are a lot of adorable dogs all around the globe, but there are only some that are known to be on the top list. These dogs are usually considered toy breeds but don’t be deceived by their affectionate nature and good looks; … Read more

What are the Six Authentic Japanese Dog Breeds?

Akita 2

Japan have been known to produce excellent breeds that are recognized worldwide. These breeds are equipped with several incredible qualities, making them unique and admirable. In terms of their characteristics, there are also some common features, which resemble the traits of a true Japanese dog. Interestingly, there are six native Japanese breeds, … Read more

Norfolk Terrier – The Small and Fearless Working Dogs

Norfolk Terrier

Small dogs are adorable. Combined with an affectionate nature and beautiful appearance, it is no doubt that many people are attracted to these little creatures. Because of their charming characteristics, many people call them “lapdogs,” which are dogs that fit perfectly on their owners’ lap. These lapdogs attract dog enthusiasts, mostly women, … Read more

Nederlandse Kooikerhondje – The Friendly Dutch Sports Dog

Nederlandse Kooikerhondje

A passionate working: it is indeed fun to watch the Nederlandse Kooikerhondje do its job in the field. It is a Dutch breed that showcases incredible talent when it comes to work, being able to perform various types of canine tasks. Versatility is not the only asset of the breed since it … Read more

Miniature Schnauzer – The Obedient and Friendly Dog

Miniature Schnauzer

The significance of miniature dogs became widespread over the years, mainly because of the diverse types of canine tasks present in our world today. One of the most common task known for dogs is hunting, wherein several dogs breeds earned a reputation as a fierce and dignified hunter. However, skills are not … Read more

Manchester Terrier (Standard) – The Versatile Hunting Dog

Why Do Dogs Bite

Many countries have witnessed the incredible work of hunting dogs in the field throughout the years.They have been a significant part of many people’s lives, especially during the early times, wherein they helped people in order to survive. It may already be a common sight to humans nowadays; dogs truly are man’s … Read more

Japanese Akitainu – The Japanese Hunting Dog

Akita 2

It is well-known that Japan has produced numerous breeds that possess incredible characteristics. From the Japanese Spitz to the Shiba Inu, each of these dogs are sure to give their owners a wonderful time. One dog included on the list of Japanese canines is the hunter: Japanese Akitainu. The Japanese Akitainu is … Read more