Manchester Terrier (Standard) – The Versatile Hunting Dog

Many countries have witnessed the incredible work of hunting dogs in the field throughout the years.They have been a significant part of many people’s lives, especially during the early times, wherein they helped people in order to survive. It may already be a common sight to humans nowadays; dogs truly are man’s bestfriends.

Various dogs work in different types of canine tasks. Some dogs participate in sports, some are used as a police unit, while others work as hunters. Interestingly, there are breeds known to be capable of performing all of these diverse tasks. Many people admire such versatile breeds, and a perfect example of this is the Manchester Terrier.

Intelligent, agile, and strong: these are only some of Manchester Terrier’s exciting features. Just looking at it, we can see that the Manchester Terrier is a breed built for work. Because of its various excellent qualities, this breed is sure to dominate the field; however, versatile as it is, the Manchester Terrier is widely known for its exceptional hunting skills.

Origins of the Manchester Terrier

From the name itself, we can trace back the origins of the Manchester Terrier to hundreds of years ago in England. Manchester is a prosperous city in England, which is the center of the textile trade. Furthermore, the place was known for hosting various sport events, including hunting rabbits and rat killing; both these activities are common in Manchester, which usually includes bets from enthusiasts.

The widespread of these hunting sports led to the creation of the Manchester Terrier. Breeders thought of developing a breed capable of working on both rats and rabbits; they crossed excellent ratter breeds, such as the Black-and-Tan Terrier and Whippets, producing an exceptional hunting dog that specializes in rats and rabbits.

Moreover, Manchester Terrier has two varieties: Standard and Toy. However, during the early 20th century, the Manchester Terrier was classified as two distinct breeds, mainly Standard Manchester and the Toy Manchester. It didn’t take long for the Manchester Terrier to gain recognition as a single breed with two variations.

Today, the Manchester Terrier remains to have its reputation as an excellent hunting dog. Breeders continue to develop this dog over the years and make sure to maintain a healthy population of the breed. A powerful, athletic, and talented: the Manchester Terrier proves to be an interesting dog to have as a companion.

Characteristics of the Manchester Terrier

Height: 15 – 16 inches

Weight: 12 – 22 pounds

Life Expectancy: 15 – 17

Hypoallergenic: No

As mentioned earlier, the Manchester Terrier is a breed known for its remarkable skills in the field. It has a medium-sized body that could stand up to sixteen inches tall and weighs up to twenty-two pounds. The size of this breed is ideal for ratters; it is agile and athletic, which is perfect for hunting down small mammals, such as rats and rabbits.

Speaking of hunting, the Manchester Terrier is widely known for its exceptional skills on the field. When it comes to finesse, this breed is undoubtedly one of the best. It earned a solid reputation as a hunting dog during its early existence. Many people admired the Manchester Terrier for being a great help in hunting events in England. Just looking at it is a clear definition of a hunting dog.

Moreover, its appearance is indeed something any dog lover would find interesting. At first glance, you might see some resemblance from the Black-and-Tan terrier, which is the breed’s ancestor; another breed that has similar qualities is the famous Dobermann. This similar look is because of the Manchester Terrier’s beautiful coat; like its ancestor, the Black-and-Tan Terrier, it has a mahogany tan and jet black coat that is known for its smoothness. Its head is wedge-shaped, which is common in hunting dogs; its eyes express a high-spirited nature.

Besides Manchester Terrier’s notable physical features, there are other traits that make it a lovely dog. Intelligence is also another quality that makes the Manchester Terrier stand out among other breeds; its brilliance and keen observation skills make it excel in various types of canine tasks, mainly in hunting. Because of this feature, this dog is easily trainable, making it a versatile worker.