Manchester Terrier (Toy) – The Miniature Ratter

If you’re a fan of hunting, and at the same time, in love with small dogs, the toy variety of the Manchester Terrier would be an ideal breed for you. Many people are amazed at the incredible qualities of this breed; it may be small, but it sure proves its capabilities in the field. As expected from this miniature dog, it looks exactly the same as its standard variety; however, it is significantly small. Interestingly, size does not matter for this dog; it still excels in the field as an exceptional ratter.

Originating in England, the Manchester Terrier flaunts its beautiful qualities, which came from its English ancestors. This breed is sure to make us amazed by its distinct traits; it is a perfect combination of a toy breed and a hunting dog.

In this article, we are going to look into the remarkable characteristics of the Manchester Terrier, as well as its origins.

Origins of the Manchester Terrier

Similar to the standard version of the breed, we can pretty much trace back the origins of the toy variation to the 19th century. During this time, hunting was a significant part of society, wherein people place bets in watching such sports. These sports include hunting rabbits and rats, wherein dogs are the primary hunter. Of course, in order to win the bet, skillful and capable dogs should be put in the ring.

This necessity led to the idea of creating a so-called ‘ratter’ or basically a dog that could hunt small mammals in the field. Over the years, the idea gradually became a reality, and people became more engaged in participating in the said event. Because of this, breeders pursued the creation of a powerful hunting breed that specialized in hunting rabbits and rats; this breed is no other than the Manchester Terrier, which is a product of crossing Black-and-Tan Terriers to Whippets.

Because of the Manchester Terrier’s outstanding qualities, it is no doubt that this breed gained recognition as a ratter. It became more popular during the Victorian Era and earned a reputation as a hunting dog.

During this time, the standard Manchester Terrier is much admired by gentlemen; however, this medium-sized and athletic body of the standard Manchester does not work the same way with women. Instead, women prefer a smaller variation of the breed; because of this, breeders developed a Manchester dog that is significantly smaller compared to its original size. In order to achieve this, breeders used the smallest Manchester Terrier breeds and bred them to produce a relatively smaller breed; this process led to the creation of the toy variation of Manchester Terrier.

It may sound great that the breeders succeeded in creating the toy Manchester Terrier; however, it was not as interesting as it seems. The early version of the toy dog was awfully unhealthy, which encountered a lot of health problems. Interestingly, years of development led to a significant improvement in the breed’s characteristics, which showcases a healthier and more athletic toy Manchester Terrier.

During the early existence of the Manchester Terrier, the standard and toy variations were registered as distinctive breeds. However, over the years, this classification was changed and separated them into one breed. Today, both the standard and toy variations of the Manchester Terrier remain to be an exceptional hunter and family companion.

Characteristics of the Manchester Terrier

Height: 10 – 12 inches

Weight: less than 12 pounds

Life Expectancy: 15 – 17 years

Hypoallergenic: No

As expected from this toy breed, it is a relatively small dog that could stand up to twelve inches tall and weighs less than twelve pounds. Despite its size, it still has the incredible qualities of the standard Manchester, mainly its exceptional hunting instincts. This breed is packed with excellent qualities that are sure to attract dog lovers.

Originally bred as a dog for women, the Manchester Terrier toy variant showcases an adorable image; it has an athletic body despite its size. A beautiful mahogany tan and jet black coat cover it, which is similar to the standard version’s coat; it is tight, which makes it easier to maintain compared to those in other breeds. In terms of its face, the Manchester Terrier Toy also has something to boast; it has a wedge-shaped face that fits perfectly for its hunting job. It has eyes that express a positive nature that comes with the iconic ‘pumpkin seeds’ above, giving its face a more spirited expression.