Mastiff – The Courageous and Dignified Guardian Dog

When it comes to choosing dogs, credibility is one factor any dog lover would need to consider. Interestingly, there are a lot of dogs that have built credibility in certain fields. Some dogs excel in herding; some are known to be a skillful hunter; others are dominate the field as a guardian, and so on. For a dog to gain recognition in these fields would usually take many years of hard work and development.

There is an ancient dog known for its powerful and massive body: the Mastiff, also known as the English Mastiff. This dog showcases its incredible characteristics , which includes strength, confidence, and dignity. The greatness of this breed paved its way throughout history and has been a part of the foundations of various breeds. If you are looking for a strong and large guardian, the Mastiff is a breed you should definitely consider.

Many people may already know the Mastiff; it is among the most popular breeds, thanks to its size, muscular appearance, and resemblance from a lot of its descendants. In this article, we are going to look into the characteristics and origins of the great guardian dog: the Mastiff.

Origins of the Mastiff

It is interesting how the mastiff-type breeds have developed over the years; they made a significant impact on the development of various dog breeds all around the globe. However, not to be mistake with the Mastiff, this dog is a pride of England, wherein it holds a share of the great history of dogdom in the country.

The Mastiff is known as the giant breed of England, ever since its early existence; it is also known as the Old English Mastiff, mainly because of its years of existence. Both mastiff-type breeds and the Mastiff of England showcase a tough nature, wherein they survived thousands of years dwelling on the Earth.

We can trace back the origins of the Mastiff to thousands of years ago during the time of Julius Caesar. In 55 BC, Julius Caesar showed his interest in the Mastiffs during Rome’s invasion of Britain. He took a note of this incredible breed and brought some of it to Rome, where he used it to fight wild beasts, as well as gladiators in the arena. This event helped the breed to gradually gain recognition as a strong and massive dog.

Fast-forward to the Middle Ages, the Mastiff got a new job as a hunter. Because of its large and powerful body, the breed was used as a big-game hunter; it also became employed as an estate guardian, as well as a war dog. It helped in various wars in history, which includes the time when it helped the British army fought against the French army during the early 15th century. These various tasks performed by the Mastiff surely earned it a reputation as a versatile working breed, proving that this dog holds several excellent qualities.

However, despite the greatness of the breed, it faced the brink of extinction after World War II. Records show that the breed’s population had a catastrophic decline, wherein only fourteen Mastiffs survived. The horrible aftermath of the war sparked the interests of many breeders in the United States and restoration efforts began. After years of development, the Mastiff was finally back to its former glory and started to become widespread in the United States. Today, the Mastiff is known as one of the most popular dogs all over the globe, gaining recognition for its undeniable power and skills.

Characteristics of the Mastiff

Height: 27.5 – 30 inches

Weight: 120 – 230 pounds

Life Expectancy: 6 – 10 years

Hypoallergenic: No

If you are a fan of large dogs, the Mastiff might be the ideal dog for you. There is no other way to easily describe the Mastiff; it is massive and could stand up to more than thirty inches tall, weighing up to 230 pounds. Its size alone is more than enough to keep intruders at bay, making it a perfect guard dog to protect your home.

Its appearance showcases an iconic rectangular body and wide head. Power is evident just looking at this dog; it has a muscular physique capable of performing intense tasks in the field. Covering its athletic body is a thick double coat that comes in various colors, including fawn, apricot, or brindle stripes.

In addition to its physical features, the Mastiff showcases a gentle and positive nature; it is courageous and dignified, which is perfect for a guard dog. Finesse is also one of its primary traits, making it a rather versatile breed. Furthermore, another feature of the Mastiff that makes it attractive is its good-nature; this trait makes it both an excellent guardian, as well as a family companion.