Nederlandse Kooikerhondje – The Friendly Dutch Sports Dog

A passionate working: it is indeed fun to watch the Nederlandse Kooikerhondje do its job in the field. It is a Dutch breed that showcases incredible talent when it comes to work, being able to perform various types of canine tasks. Versatility is not the only asset of the breed since it also boasts its beautiful appearance. 

The Kooikerhondje has its origins several years ago; it is an old breed that paved its way throughout history. Most of its characteristics remained the same after years of development; it is still the same hard working and lovable dog that people loved.

Interestingly, this breed gained its recognition not just as a beautiful dog; it sparked the interests of many dog enthusiasts, mainly because of its positive nature. It is friendly and sweet when it comes to its family, and at the same time, it is sharp and alert when faced with an intruder. Furthermore, the Kooikerhondje is known to be eager when it comes to work. Whatever task you give it, this dog would make sure to get the job done cheerfully. If you are looking for a hard working and enthusiastic dog, the Nederlandse Kooikerhondje is a breed you should definitely consider to own.



Origins of the Nederlandse Kooikerhondje

As mentioned earlier, the Nederlandse Kooikerhondje is an ancient breed that could go back as far as the Middle Ages. Although the exact origins of the breed is unknown, old paintings from Dutch masters showcase a dog that heavily resembles the Kooikerhondje. 

Ever since its early existence, it has been employed in various jobs in the field, which includes in the “Eendenkooi.” The Eendenkooi is a manmade duck-trapping pond system, which people used before the invention of gunpowder. During this time, they used the Kooikerhondje to help them work in the pond. 

Interestingly, the Kooikerhondje gained recognition after being credited as the savior of the Dutch Monarchy, Prince William of Oranje. It is known that the breed fearlessly saved the prince from attempted assassination from assassins. 

However, the greatness of the Kooikerhondje came to an end after World War I. since guns were already common during this time, people ceased to rely on dogs in helping them work in the field. Guns were just significantly better when it comes to hunting ducks, instead of duck-luring breeds. Furthermore, the Kooikerhondje was more difficult to maintain, especially including the cost and effort required; hunters would easily choose hunting rifles over hunting dogs. 

Thankfully, the journey of the Nederlandse Kooikerhondje did not come to an end. The Baronesse von Hardenbroek van Ammerstol started the restoration process for the breed in 1939. She gave a black-and-white picture of the dog to peddlers who would stop in her estate. Because of this, she gained information of any surviving specimen of the breed, wherein she found Tommy – a female dog that served as the Kooikerhondje’s foundation. After discovering Tommy, the Baronesse started breeding the dog, which eventually brought the breed to its former glory. 

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Characteristics of the Nederlandse Kooikerhondje

Height: 14 – 17 inches

Weight: 20 – 30 pounds

Life Expectancy: 12 – 15 years

Hypoallergenic: No 

Compared to other hunting dogs, the Nederlandse Kooikerhondje is relatively smaller. This breed could stand up to roughly seventeen inches tall and weighs up to thirty pounds. It is a medium-sized breed packed with several interesting qualities perfect for working in the field. 

In terms of its physical appearance, the Kooikerhondje is quite unique. Besides its medium-sized body, a silky white-and-red coat gives it a more lovable display. Furthermore, its iconic feathery ears and tails, makes it distinctive. Its face showcases the breed’s friendly and sweet nature, which is sure to capture the attention of dog lovers. 

Speaking of its nature, the Kooikerhondje is a breed many people would surely love. Its affectionate nature is on a whole new level, and it would give its owners a wonderful time taking care of it. This breed also flaunts its expertise in the field; it is a versatile dog that enjoys working on whatever task you give it. 

If you are looking for a dog that could be your buddy in the field, or just a family companion, the Nederlandse Kooikerhondje is no doubt a dog you should own.