Newfoundland – The Devoted Working Dog

The Newfoundland is a significantly powerful breed that originated from Canada. Despite its relatively large size, the Newfie is known for its adorable appearance and affectionate nature. There is no other way to best define the Newfie; it is sweet and hard-working dog that is eager to please its owners.

The Newfie is an ideal guard dog, mainly because of its size. It is packed with various interesting characteristics, which is an excellent combination of adorable looks, sweet nature, and substantial body.

Guarding the house is not the only skill of the Newfoundland; its massive size allows it to work on various types of canine tasks, making it a rather versatile breed. However, the good behavior of this gentle giant makes it the perfect dog to guard the house and watch over the kids. It is a wonderful family companion, even with children. Interestingly, the Newfie is also a known swimmer. Swimming is not a difficult task for this breed, and it earned a reputation for its incredible talent on the water.

If you are looking for a truly lovable dog that is capable of working as the house guardian and a family companion, the Newfoundland is no doubt a dog you should own.

Origins of the Newfoundland

Despite the fascinating characteristics of the Newfoundland, the history of this breed remains unclear. Records show that this dog already existed during the early 19th century, wherein it participated in various ocean expeditions. It was among the most popular breeds, until today, and earned a reputation as a hunting dog and guardian.

As mentioned earlier, the Newfoundland is an amazing swimmer. Ever since its early existence, it already gained recognition for its swimming abilities. It helped Canadian fishermen relied to the Newfie to help them in various water rescues. The powerful bodies of the Newfie allows it to swim effectively, as well as rescue an adult from drowning. It also helped fishermen in various ways, such as hauling nets and cattle-driving.

When it comes to the icy waters of the North Atlantic, there is no other dog that dominates this freezing ocean but the Newfoundland. However, the greatness of the Newfie in water rescues already came to an end. It is still employed in various water activities today, but it is undeniable that this dog’s former glory was still unmatched.

Because of the Newfie’s excellence, a monument of the breed was built in England. The monument was established by Lord Byron for his beloved Newfie, called “Boatswain.” The beautiful monument became a tourist attraction and quickly gained recognition from dog enthusiasts. This dog monument was a clear representation of the Newfoundland’s overall lovable characteristics.

Characteristics of the Newfoundland

Height: 26 – 28 inches

Weight: 100 – 150 pounds

Life Expectancy: 9 – 10 years

Hypoallergenic: No

Massive and powerful: these are only some of the Newfoundland’s distinctive characteristics. Size is an evident feature since this dog could stand up to twenty-eight inches tall and weighs up to 150 pounds. People often recognize the Newfie because of its size and beautiful coat.

Speaking of its coat, it comes in various colors, ranging from gray, brown, black, and black-and-white. The wide variety of coat colors make the breed more attractive, giving enthusiasts more options to choose from. Its coat is thick and smooth, which mostly covers its torso, leaving the head with less hair. The Newfie displays a small head with a positive-looking face: its eyes express a sweet and gentle nature; it ears contribute to the breed’s overall elegant appearance.

In terms of the Newfoundland’s skillset, it is substantial dog capable of working in various fields. It is a known breed that once dominated the North Atlantic, helping fishermen. Swimming is one of its major skills, but it is also suitable for other jobs, such as hunting and guarding. With the breed’s size and power, it is enough to keep intruders at bay.

Moreover, the Newfie might be a large dog, but its appearance is not so intimidating compared to other guard dogs’. Its appearance clearly speaks for itself; it is gentle giant that is equipped with a soft and gentle nature. It is highly affectionate towards its family and would work for hours just to please its owners.