Vizsla – The Versatile and Adoring Dog


Dutiful and athletic, the Vizsla has been prized for many centuries for both in the field and in the show ring for his incredible hunting and pointing skills, doing it with style and grace. Now, he expands his expertise into family homes, being a friendly and affectionate canine pal that always wants … Read more

Standard Schnauzer – The Protective and Willful Dog

Standard Schnauzer - The Protective and Willful Dog

Originally bred to be a diligent all-purpose dog, the Standard Schnauzer is a high-spirited, highly-intelligent, sometimes strong-willed, fast and agile breed from Germany. Today, he expanded his repertoire, now serving as an entertaining family companion and a show dog, with his conspicuous bushy eyebrows and whiskered chin. Though he can be willful … Read more

Treeing Tennessee Brindle – The Vocal and Courageous Cur

Treeing Tennessee Brindle - The Vocal and Courageous Cur

Boasting incredible inbred instincts, the Treeing Tennesse Brindle is one of the most sought-after Cur-type dogs. In the field, he is an active, courageous, and intelligent breed that excels in treeing and hunting works. At home, he displays his laidback and amiable side, making him an excellent family companion. However, he will … Read more

Transylvanian Hound – The Good-Natured and Independent Aristocrat

Transylvanian Hound - The Good-Natured and Independent Aristocrat

An ancient breed that was revered by royalty during the Middle Ages, the Transylvanian Hound evolved to a tough, enduring, adaptable, courageous canine. While he relishes human attention, he doesn’t need it around the clock, preferring some time for himself. Rest assured that outside his independent streak, he’s fresh in spirit, warm-natured, … Read more

Teddy Roosevelt Terrier – The Animated and Easy-going Terrier

An adult male Teddy Roosevelt Terrier

Taking his name from the feisty U.S. President, it’s a sign that this dog is spirited, fearless, and tenacious. Despite its diminutive size, he packs a lot of energy, though more on the laid-back side as compared to its progenitors. A people-oriented dog, he is friendly and affectionate towards his family, loves … Read more

Thai Ridgeback – The Intelligent and Strong-willed Protector

Thai Ridgeback - The Intelligent and Strong-willed Protector

A stunning, handsome dog with primitive Asian roots, the Thai Ridgeback is a real charmer. He is tough, active, intensely loyal, and protective of his family and his territory. Initially bred as an all-purpose breed in its homeland, he is also intelligent and independent but can sometimes be unpredictable and a handful … Read more

Swedish Vallhund – The Vocal and Confident Herding Dog

Swedish Vallhund

Small, powerful, low and long, the Swedish Vallhund is a dog with Viking roots primarily used for herding cattle and working on farms. Today, he serves as an engaging companion, well-loved for its zest for life, confidence, and playfulness, much like his Corgi cousins. Regarded as a “big dog in a small … Read more

Swedish Lapphund – Sweden’s National Dog

Swedish Lapphund - Sweden’s National Dog

Alert, kind, lively, and loving, the Swedish Lapphund isn’t chosen as the Scandinavian country’s national for nothing. He’s incredibly multitalented, full of toughness and endurance, and became a hardworking canine for over many centuries. Today, he serves as a wonderful family companion, highly energetic and playful, yet also knows when to switch … Read more

Staffordshire Bull Terrier – The Surprising Sweetheart


Despite his fierce appearance and brawling past, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is renowned for his gentle, docile, and fun-loving personality. Though he still has the bravery and feistiness, this fight has now been transformed into a true-blue devoted companion that will engage in snuggles rather than fights. Often dubbed as the nanny … Read more

Sussex Spaniel – The Mellow and Delightful Spaniel


Pretty calm and composed than his cousins, the Sussex Spaniel is an even-tempered and serious-looking dog, yet boasts a cheerful and congenial demeanor. Inside the home, he is an ideal canine companion who is devoted, gentle, and sweet towards his family. In the field, he never forgets his roots and continues to … Read more