Pyrenean Shepherd – The Enthusiastic and Affectionate Herding Dog

Another breed that originated from the Pyrenean Mountains – the Pyrenean Shepherd is a clear definition of a herding dog. Besides being an all-around herder, the Pyrenean Shepherd is a fascinating breed that flaunts its beautiful looks. Because of its elegant coat, this breed is sure to turn heads on the streets and leave people amazed by its appearance. 

There are other breeds that originated from the Pyrenean Mountains, but the Pyrenean Shepherd is the only dog that is equipped with exceptional herding traits. This dog is bound to attract shepherds, mainly because of its outstanding work in the field. When it comes to herding, the Pyrenean Shepherd proves that it is suitable for the job. Packed with excellent characteristics, the Pyrenean Shepherd is a trusted sheepdog. 

One of the other traits that make this dog attractive is its positive nature. The Pyrenean Shepherd is an affectionate and enthusiastic breed. It is eager to please its master and would make sure to get its job done. Loyalty is another great quality of this breed. If you are looking for a breed that has an elegant appearance and works best in flocking sheep, the Pyrenean Shepherd is suitable for the job. 

Origins of the Pyrenean Shepherd

There are not many records of the specific origins of the Pyrenean Shepherd. It is only believed this dog originated from thousands of years ago, wherein its ancestors were reputable ancient herders in the Pyrenean Mountains. Because of the long history of the Pyrenean Shepherd, it is unsure as to when this breed became known for its exceptional herding skills. 

Interestingly, the greatness of the Pyrenean Shepherd gradually gained recognition in its homeland. The powerful herding dog performs its job well. Because of the excellent talent of the breed, shepherds and breeders admire it so much, employing it as a guardian and sheepdog. Over the years, the Pyrenean Shepherd continued to be a significant breed working in the field. This dog remains to be a famous herder in its hometown, capturing the hearts of shepherds not just in its hometown but also in other places. 

Characteristics of the Pyrenean Shepherd

Height:  15.5 – 21 inches

Weight: 15 – 30 pounds

Life Expectancy: 15+ years

Hypoallergenic: No 

The Pyrenean Shepherd is a medium to large dog that could stand up to roughly twenty-one inches tall and weighs about thirty pounds. The ideal size of the Pyrenean Shepherd allows it to works effectively in the field as a herding dog. Since its work requires it to run and often move in the field, a medium-sized body is perfect for giving it agility. 

In terms of its appearance, the Pyrenean Shepherd also flaunts a beautiful coat. Talent is not the only feature that makes this breed interesting; its elegant coat is the first thing you would notice in the Pyrenean Shepherd. Its coat has two varieties, including the rough-faced and smooth-faced. The rough type has a profuse and harsh coat, while the smooth version showcases a more refined texture and shorter facial hair. Its coat comes in diverse colors, giving it a unique appearance. The breed showcases dark almond-shaped eyes, which express an alert and dynamic nature. 

As mentioned earlier, the Pyrenean Shepherd gained its recognition as a herding dog. The greatness of this breed in flocking sheep earned it a solid reputation as a sheepdog. It is interesting how the breed demonstrates its agile and robust body in the field. Its wits and finesse are also excellent traits that help the breed work efficiently as a herder. Shepherds admire this breed for its enthusiastic nature. It is eager to please its master, always making sure to get the job done. 

Moreover, the Pyrenean Shepherd is not just a unique and powerful herding dog. Dog breeders and shepherds are attracted to this breed also because of its affectionate nature. Besides its eagerness to please its loved ones, this dog is bound to display its sweet nature. The remarkable nature of the Pyrenean Shepherd makes it suitable not just for herding flocks but also as being a mere family companion. Overall, the Pyrenean Shepherd is a great combination of talent, good looks, and power – making it an exceptional breed.