Finnish Spitz – The Fox-Faced Hunter

If you are a fan of spitz-type dogs, this would surely catch your attention; from the group of hunting dogs, introducing the Finnish Spitz.

The Finnish Spitz is a one-of-a-kind dog. You might be looking for a hunting companion, sports dog, or simply a family pet; one thing is sure, this dog is suitable for the job. It is medium-sized with a sleek and athletic body; at the same time, its adorable facial expression is enough to say that this dog has a lively nature.

Sweetness is not the only feature that makes the Finnish Spitz attractive; breeders also admire this dog’s exceptional skill on the field. The overall combination of this breed’s qualities results in an excellent companion that any dog enthusiasts would surely love.

Origins of the Finnish Spitz

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Apparent from its name, we can trace back the origins of the Finnish Spitz in Finland, wherein it is the most popular breed. There is no concrete record as to when or how the Finnish Spitz originated. However, speculations show that Russian migrants brought this breed to Finland thousands of years ago. Similar to the appearance of the Finnish Spitz, it is said that these migrants brought spitz-type dogs during their journey. Ever since ancient times, this spitz-type breed was often used in various activities, mainly in hunting.

The Finnish Spitz became famous in the hunting game, mainly because of its unique style of hunting. Like other breeds, it uses its keen sense of smell to detect birds, wherein it mesmerizes the target with slow tail-wagging and yodeling. Other circumstances show the breed’s rapid-fire barking, which could reach up to 160 barks in a minute. Once the target is hooked, it is now time for the human hunter to close in by following the Finn’s wagging tail. After such methods, the hunt ends with a rifle, and the Finnish Spitz once again did a job well done.

Despite the greatness of the Finnish Spitz, this breed was on the brink of extinction during the 19th century. Thanks to Finnish Spitz enthusiasts named Hugo Roos and Hugo Sandberg, the breed was saved from facing death. The work of the Hugos did not just save the breed; it also helped in promoting it, wherein it reached America in the mid-20th century.

Characteristics of the Finnish Spitz

Height: 15.5 – 20 inches

Weight: 20 – 33 pounds

Life Expectancy: 13 – 15 years

Hypoallergenic: No

The Finnish Spitz is a medium-sized breed that could stand up to twenty inches tall and weighs up to thirty-three pounds. Its average-sized body shows its athleticism, which allows it to excel in the field. A sleek figure is often the description of the Finnish Spitz, which resembles a fox.

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As mentioned earlier, this breed is known to have a fox-like appearance; it has a foxy face, ears pointing upwards, and a curved tail. Its eyes deeply express the dog’s good nature, as well as a touch of its energetic side. Golden-red dense coat is one of the breed’s assets, giving it a glow.

Besides the Finnish Spitz’s unique appearance, breeders also admire this breed’s unique abilities. Commonly hailed as the ‘King Barker,’ it boasts its barking skills in the field. As mentioned earlier, the Finnish Spitz has a special method of hunting game birds, which often uses the power of barking. However, it is no ordinary bark; hunters call it rapid-fire barking, wherein the Finnish Spitz is known to bark for up to 160 barks per minute. This feature alone definitely shows how great the breed is.

Moreover, incredible barking skills are not the only thing that makes the Finnish Spitz special. Many other traits of the breed showcase its greatness. As expected from a lively dog, the Finnish Spitz is highly alert. It is friendly and playful at home, especially with its family, but its alertness is sure to detect intruders. That is why this breed also makes an excellent guard dog or alertdog. Its sweet nature is perfect for dog shows, which would surely capture the attention of dog lovers. Furthermore, the Finnish Spitz does not only dominate the hunting field; it is one breed that makes an ideal family companion.