Pudelpointer – The Intelligent German Hunting Dog

A vital trait a hunting dog should possess is calmness and self-control. For a dog to be able to hunt down its target successfully, it should know how to be calm to focus on its prey. These features are essential for a dog to dominate the hunting field. Combined with keen instincts and versatility, these traits clearly define a truly remarkable hunter. 

Interestingly, the Pudelpointer is a dog equipped with these excellent traits. Its gentleness and intelligence on the field are top-class, making sure to get the job done each time it is given a task. When hunting, the Pudelpointer uses its exceptional hunting instincts and wits to catch a target. 

Furthermore, the Pudelpointer also gains recognition for its versatility; it works well in various terrains, as well as on water. Beautiful varieties of coats make the Pudelpointer more attractive, which also comes in different colors. Because of these features, many dog lovers are attracted to this dog. The Pudelpointer is an all-around dog that works best for various types of canine tasks. If you are looking for a dog suitable for working in the field, as well as being a family companion, the Pudelpointer is no doubt a breed you would definitely love.

Origins of the Pudelpointer

From the name itself, we might already have an idea of the Pudelpointer’s origins. We can trace back its history to hundreds of years ago in Germany, wherein it was a product of two popular breeds: Poodle and Pointer. These two breeds are known to be the ancestor of the breed, which resulted in the name Pudelpointer. 

Besides its unique name, the Pudelpointer is also known for possessing similar traits both from the Poodle and Pointer. It is brilliant, eager to please its master, substantial, rugged, and has a keen instinct.  These qualities are all derived from the Poodle and Pointer; another feature the heavily shows resemblance from the Poodle is its unique coat. Most of us might know that the Poodle’s coat serves as a shield against harmful elements in the environment. The Pudelpointer’s coat has the same purpose; it protects it from the harsh elements outside.

Interestingly, records show that the earliest attempt to cross a Poodle and an English Pointer was 1881.  The cross-breeding took place in Germany, wherein the sire was an English Pointer, and the dam was a Poodle. The early results of crossing the Poodle and Pointer were still far from the Pudelpointer we know today. The first Pudelpointers showcase a thick coat, which was derived from the Poodle. 

Breeders noticed the dominant genes of the Poodle; that is why they crossed more Pointers to achieve a mighty and skillful hunting dog. Years of breeding and development took place to create the Pudelpointer we know today. Despite the hard work and dedication of breeders to produce the Pudelpointer, everything almost went in vain after World War I and World War II. The aftermath of the two World Wars led to a catastrophic decline in its population, leaving it on the brink of extinction. 

Interestingly, breeders continued to work on reviving the breed and bringing it back to its former glory. It didn’t take long for the breed to have a stable population, and it was then introduced to North America in 1956. 

Characteristics of the Pudelpointer

Height: 22 – 26 inches

Weight: 45 – 70 pounds

Life Expectancy: 14 years

Hypoallergenic: No 

The Pudelpointer is a relatively large breed. It could stand up to twenty-six inches tall and weighs up to seventy pounds. The breed’s medium-large size allows it to work effectively in the field. Combine with an athletic and muscular body; the Pudelpointer is sure to dominate the hunting field. 

When it comes to hunting, Pudelpointer does not solely rely on its strong body. This breed is also equipped with other excellent traits, such as superior intelligence and keen instincts, which it uses when it’s working on the field. Versatility is also another factor that makes the Pudelpointer a remarkable dog, allowing it to work in various types of canine tasks. 

Moreover, the Pudelpointer is not only known as a working dog; many breeders admire the Pudelpointer for its excellent qualities and positive nature. As fierce as it is in the field, this dog showcases a friendly nature when being with its family, making it a great pet.