The Cleanest Dog Breeds You Can Own

Dogs are one of the most popular pets in the world. They are lovable, loyal, intelligent, and can be your best friends that are sometimes better than humans. These adorable canines can be the best pets you could ever have that will never leave by your side.

Some downsides of these charming pets are that they can shed fur, smell bad, or even thrash your own house. These are actually some of their nature to some dogs because of their aggressive and athletic personalities. On the other hand, some dogs don’t act like one; instead, they act similarly to a feline. As a result, these dogs are somehow cleaner than other dogs whenever they are taken home as pets. So, try to check these below for the sparkling dog breeds you’ll find as pets.

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  • Basenji. This dog breed originated from Central Africa and was commonly used as a hunting dog. Because of his ancestors ‘ hunting dogs, Basenjis are active and athletic types of dog breeds that can turn your house upside down when left alone for too long. So, what are the qualities that made them earn a spot in the cleanest dog breeds? Their short coat requires minimal grooming, plus their quiet nature, which is the characteristic that made these guys clean.
  • Greyhound. Similar to a Basenji, Greyhounds have super short coats that do not need any extra grooming. Greyhounds are quieter than any other dog, and they can spend all day lying on a couch. So better, grab yourself a larger sofa since these big dogs will definitely get a good spot on your couch.
  • Poodle. You see poodles with thick and curly fur, but believe it or not, these cute dogs are a low shedder, and sometimes they don’t shed at all. This unique quality in poodles made them hypoallergenic pets, perfect for people with allergies triggers from fur. Poodles are meticulously sensitive pets that always want a clean surrounding. They don’t drool and can efficiently train inside the house.

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  • Dalmatian. Despite his size and the fact that he also shed fur in the house, Dalmatians earned a spot as one of the cleanest dog breeds because of his distinctive characteristic of producing oil. This natural oil in Dalmatians can ward off dried mud and dust that prevents them from being dirty. Another good thing about them is that they are self-cleaning pets.
  • Bedlington Terrier. This terrier may look like a fur shedder because of his thick curly fur, but he is surprisingly a non-shedder. Like they never shed coat at all. Also, these Bedlington terriers are highly trainable to properly groom inside the house, so owners are worry-free from accidents and broken things. One downside of this dog is although he is a non-shedder, his fur grows faster than any other dog with thick coats, so you will need to clip them more often.
  • Shiba Inu. Originated from Japan, Shiba Inu is probably one of the top lists for hygienic dog breeds. You can always see this guy grooming himself, and if not, he is grooming other pets in the house. He always wants a clean surrounding, so house training him will be a breeze that somehow goes along with his nature. This dog is also a non-drooler and has a cat-like personality that made him at the top list.
  • Japanese Chin. Chins originated in China, but they were bred in Japan. A cat wannabe, Chins’ grooms and acts like a cat in many ways that you might even think that they could have been cats in their past lives. They like to groom themselves by licking out their long wavy fur so that they even produce hairballs in the process. They also pounce around inside your house like a real cat. So if you like cats and dogs as pets, but you can only have one of them, then Japanese Chin is the best pet for you.
  • American Hairless Terrier. Alright, if you think these dogs made the list of cleanest dog breeds because of not having fur, well, you are definitely correct. These canines do not have any fur for you to worry about them shedding around the house. One downside of this hairless terrier is that their skin is also sensitive similar to humans. It means they can get sunburn too. So it’s either you treat their skin or prevent them from having those skin irritations.