German Spitz –The Devoted Watchdog

Not all adorable looking dogs are only good at attracting people with their irresistible charm; some are known for their talent in various canine tasks. Over the years, dog enthusiasts engage these dogs in different activities, which includes hunting, sports, police works, patrolling, and so on. With all these jobs available for dogs, we can say these creatures are suitable for working in the field. Regardless of their appearance, they proved to be capable of helping humans over the years.

One breed that would surely catch our interest is the German Spitz. At first glance, the German Spitz is anadorable looking dog, which showcases its affectionate and energetic nature through its face. However, don’t be deceived by its sweet appearance; this dog is known for its deep devotion towards its job. It is a tough worker that specializes in working as a watchdog, mainly because of its attentive nature. Overall, the German Spitz is a fascinating breed with great features. If you are looking for a dog that could work as a watchdog, and at the same time, an adorable family pet, the German Spitz is the ideal dog for you.

Origins of the German Spitz

We can trace back the origins of the German Spitz to hundreds of years. It is known as one of the oldest breeds, which originated from Central Europe. The greatness of the German Spitz could be attributed to several years of development and dedication from various breeders. S

The German Spitz is known to have its resemblance with various toy dogs, such as the Pomeranian and Toy Spitz, as well as the Keeshond and Wolfspitz. It explains why the German Spitz also has an adorable appearance despite having a medium-sized body.

Early accounts of the German Spitz dates back to the 15th century when Count Eberhard Zu Sayn of Germany showed its interest in the breed. During this time, the breed already built its reputation as an effective watchdog. This event took place in the province of Pomerania, which is home to various breeds, including the German Spitz.

Over the years, people continued to recognize the German Spitz. Many people admire its powerful voice and alertness; this combination is ideal for a watchdog. Fishers took an interest in owning a German Spitz to help them guard their goods. Besides fishers, this breed worked as a watchdog in various places. Their efficient skillset on the field makes them a remarkable watchdog, boosting its popularity further. The popularity of the German Spitz became widespread in different places, which also captured the attention of royal families.

Throughout the years, the German Spitz experienced several ups and downs. Despite gaining recognition during its early years, the breed faced a catastrophic decline in its population after World War I, leaving it at the brink of extinction. Thankfully, breeders took measures to revive the German Spitz; their hardwork and dedication paved off, bringing the breed to its former glory.

Characteristics of the German Spitz

Height: 12 – 15 inches

Weight: 24 – 26 pounds

Life Expectancy: 13 – 15 years

Hypoallergenic: No

As mentioned earlier, the German Spitz is a medium-sized dog that could stand up to fifteen inches tall and weighs up to twenty-six pounds. This breed is known for its beautiful coat, which comes in a variety of colors, including white, black, cream, gold, and black-and-tan. It has a fox-like head with its pointed ears and captivating eyes, which express the breed’s innocence and alertness.

Besides the breed’s sweet and friendly appearance, the German Spitz proves to be an effective breed on the field. As mentioned earlier, this dog was employed as a watchdog for a long time; it helped fishers and other workers in guarding their goods, homesteads, markets, and so on. It is known for its powerful voice used for getting the attention of fishers and landowners whenever an intruder is around.

Moreover, the German Spitz is a highly devoted breed that is pretty eager to please its owners. It works hard until it gets the job done and is highly trainable. With its incredible looks, incredible expertise, and devoted nature, the German Spitz is a breed that is sure to be admired by many dog lovers.