Shikoku – The Energetic Japanese Hunter


Japan has been known to produce several breeds that possess excellent traits. Breeders often recognize these breeds for their exceptional hunting skills, good nature, and fascinating appearance. Furthermore, Japanese dogs have a significant part in the country’s history; they helped early people in the hunting field to gather food and other necessities. … Read more

Samoyed – The Friendly and Gentle Working Dog


Don’t judge the book by its cover. This saying is not only used for humans but also dogs. There are dogs that are built for work; some breeds showcase their athletic and strong features through their sturdy appearance. However, there are also breeds that you might find deceiving, mainly because of their … Read more

Spinone Italiano – The Socialble and Patient Italian Sport Dog

Spinone Italiano

  Sports have been a significant part of dogdom over the years, and many dog owners have their canine companions participate in various dog sports around the globe. Because of this, dog breeders also developed certain types of dogs that could perform well in the sports arena. That is why today, several … Read more

Pudelpointer – The Intelligent German Hunting Dog


A vital trait a hunting dog should possess is calmness and self-control. For a dog to be able to hunt down its target successfully, it should know how to be calm to focus on its prey. These features are essential for a dog to dominate the hunting field. Combined with keen instincts … Read more

Portuguese Pointer – The Smart Portuguese Hunter

A Portuguese Pointer

An excellent hunting dog always makes sure to get the job done. Being able to track and capture its target is its primary mission; it usually works by the side of its master. The use of hunting dogs became widespread over the years, wherein people used them for survival. Because of this, … Read more

Portuguese Podengo Pequeno

A Portuguese Podengo Pequeno

If you are a fan of the Portuguese Podengo, then you would surely love this breed. A variation of the standard Podengo, the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno, is the smallest version of the Podengos. The Pequeno possesses all the distinctive qualities of the Podengo, including its athletic body and beautiful coat that comes … Read more

Poodle (Miniature) – The Famous Aristocratic Miniature Dog

A brown Miniature Poodle

Our world is known for having diverse types of dogs, ranging from small to large breeds. Some of these dogs are recognized for their athletic characteristics, while others boast their noble and majestic features. One of the breeds included in the list of most remarkable breeds is the Poodle. Poodles are one … Read more

Porcelaine – The Independent French Hunter


From the name itself, Porcelaine is a dog that is undoubtedly packed with exciting features. So if you are looking for a dog that is unique, lovable, and trustworthy, Porcelaine is a breed you should consider having at your home. One of the breed’s primary features is its elegant body that also … Read more

Pharaoh Hound – The Noble and Athletic Dog

Pharaoh Hound

When we talk about pharaohs, the first thing that pops in mind are the monarchs of ancient Egypt. Pharaohs are identified as noble, elegant, and powerful people who ruled ancient Egypt. Interestingly, this description best fits a similarly noble dog: the Pharaoh Hound. Derived from the monarchs of ancient Egypt, the Pharaoh … Read more

Plott Hound – The Loyal Scenthound

Plott Hound

Hunting is considered one of the most common types of canine tasks. It has been around since ancient times, and various breeds were classified as hunting dogs. When a dog hunts, it uses the entire body to capture its target. And when we say the whole body, that includes the legs, eyes, … Read more