Spinone Italiano – The Socialble and Patient Italian Sport Dog


Sports have been a significant part of dogdom over the years, and many dog owners have their canine companions participate in various dog sports around the globe. Because of this, dog breeders also developed certain types of dogs that could perform well in the sports arena. That is why today, several breeds are identified as sport dogs, wherein they are known to dominate as athletic canines. 

Interestingly, Italy has its share in the incredible list of sport dogs around the globe. The Spinone Italiano is a robust and athletic dog that is known for its Italian ancestry. From the name itself, we can quickly tell where this breed originated. Furthermore, the Spinone earned a reputation as an athlete; many dog breeders admire this dog for performing well in various sports, thanks to its large and powerful body. 

This magnificent breed showcases a robust body, along with a positive nature. This breed’s athletic physique and friendly personality make it a clear definition of a man’s best friend. If you are looking for a breed that could cope with most of your indoor and outdoor activities, the Spinone Italiano is undoubtedly a dog you should consider having. In this article, we are going to look into the breed’s fascinating characteristics, as well as its origins. 

Origins of the Spinone Italiano 

The Spinone Italiano’s versatility and excellent traits in the field have been known for several years ago. It is an old European breed that gained recognition working dog, thanks to its incredible characteristics. Before being known as a sport dog, the Spinone once helped hunters in the hunting field. This dog used its intelligence, keen sense of smell, stamina, and exceptional expertise to work on both land and water – retrieving waterfowls. One feature that made hunters admire this dog is its devotion to its work; the Spinone is very eager to please master, making it a dog lover’s delight. 

Interestingly, we can trace back the name Spinone to the word “pino,” which refers to the thorny undergrowth in the Piedmont region. This region in Italy was believed as the place of birth of the Spinone Italiano. Breeders speculated that the Spinone was first bred in this place, wherein its main purpose was to help huntsmen in the field. The Spinone Italiano proved to be an ideal dog to work on Alpine’s hilly terrain, mainly because of its tough coat – which serves as a protection against harsh weather. In addition to this, the Spinone Italiano also boasts its incredible skillset when it comes to the field. 

Moreover, it is believed that the Spinone Italiano is a product of crossing various breeds, such as the Italian Setters, White Mastiff, and French Griffons. It is also known to be crossed with dogs brought by the Greek traders and from the Adriatic coast. The crossing of these breeds resulted in a tough and powerful breed that is built for work. The Spinone Italiano proved its greatness in the field initially as a hunting dog, then was shifted into sports. 

Characteristics of the Spinone Italiano

Height: 22 – 27 inches

Life Expectancy: 10 – 12 years

Hypoallergenic: No

As mentioned earlier, the Spinone Italiano is a dog known for its relatively large body; it could stand up to twenty-seven inches tall. The Spinone Italiano’s massive size is what attracts hunters in the field since it is pretty much suitable for working as a hunting dog. Its large body is packed with power and endurance, which are essential for its job. 

Moreover, the Spinone Italiano gained recognition for its exceptional traits. At first glance, you would quickly notice the breed’s sturdy body; it is built with a square figure, along with a muscular physique. The Spinone Italiano’s body is covered with a dense and unclipped coat that comes in various colors and patterns. It also has thick facial hair and beautiful eyes that express a soft and affectionate nature. These adorable characteristics of the Spinone Italiano have gained recognition from dog lovers in Italy. 

Overall, the Spinone Italiano is a fascinating breed that is an excellent combination of power, intelligence, skills, and toughness. If you are looking for a substantial breed that is known for working in various types of canine tasks, the Spinone Italiano is no doubt a breed you should consider having.