Portuguese Pointer – The Smart Portuguese Hunter

An excellent hunting dog always makes sure to get the job done. Being able to track and capture its target is its primary mission; it usually works by the side of its master. The use of hunting dogs became widespread over the years, wherein people used them for survival. Because of this, breeders developed more dogs capable of hunting, and one of them is the Portuguese Pointer. 

From the name itself, we would easily have an idea of the breed’s origins. Pointer-type dogs are known to be enthusiastic and skillful in the field. That is why the Portuguese Pointer gained recognition for energetic and athletic features. Superior intelligence also adds to this breed’s greatness, making it an exceptional hunter. Eager to please its master, the Portuguese Pointer always make sure to get the job done. 

Another thing that makes the Portuguese Pointer interesting is its incredible devotion. Once given a task, this dog won’t stop until it finishes the job. Its loyalty towards its master is also unmatched, which is why many dog lovers are attracted to this dog. With this said, we can say that the Portuguese Pointer is a truly lovable dog. In this article, we are going to look into the breed’s great qualities and incredible history. 

Origins of the Portuguese Pointer

Similar to other Portuguese breeds, the Portuguese Pointer has its origins on the Iberian Peninsula. We can trace back its origins to hundreds of years ago in the 12th century, wherein it was initially bred in noble kennels. The early employment of the Portuguese Pointer was to be used in falconries, a job which it still does today. 

For many years, the Portuguese Pointer remained to be a significant breed. During the 18th century, the breed was introduced to English families that were living in Oporto. These families were known for their business of wine production. The English family noticed the Portuguese Pointer and brought it to England; this marks the breed’s introduction to England and the creation of English Pointer. 

Despite the popularity of the Portuguese Pointer, there also comes the point where it almost reached the brink of extinction. During the 19th century, the breed was in a bad position and was affected by the country’s social hardships. This event led to a gradual decline in the breed’s population, resulting in a catastrophic drop in numbers. 

Thankfully, there were surviving specimens of the breed. In the early 20th century, breeders proceeded with a restoration process in hopes of reviving the breed and bringing it to its former glory. The breeders worked on locating ancient Portuguese dogs in the north of Portugal. Years of hard work paid off, resulting in a healthy and strong Portuguese Pointer, wherein its breed standard was created in 1938. 

Characteristics of the Portuguese Pointer

Height: 20.5 – 22 inches

Weight: 35 – 59 pounds

Life Expectancy: 14 years

Hypoallergenic: No 

The Portuguese Pointer is an ancient hunting dog that had dominated the hunting field hundreds of years ago. The breed is known for its medium-sized body that could stand up to twenty-two inches tall and weighs up to fifty-nine pounds. Some features that make the breed attractive are its athletic and muscular body, which make it suitable for working in the field. 

When it comes to the Portuguese Pointer’s appearance, you can quickly notice its strong characteristic. Its muscular physique is combined with a smooth coat that comes in brown color. A large head sits atop of its wide neck; deep and dark eyes express power, which adds up to the breed’s aggressive appearance. Lastly, large ears hang on its head, conveying its affectionate nature. 

Just by the looks of it, the breed showcases a formidable personality. It makes sure to get the job done and does not stop until it finishes a task. Many breeders recognize the Portuguese Pointer for its incredible endurance and devotion. Interestingly, the breed is not just known for its robust nature; it is also recognized for being affectionate and friendly. This behavior of the Portuguese Pointer makes it suitable not only in the hunting field but also as a family companion. It is highly loyal towards its master, even with children, making it an ideal pet.