What to consider when looking for kittens for sale?

People love to have cats as pets. You can get your favorite cats from the pet shop or online pet stores. But it is better if you pick kittens instead of cats. Kittens are better in that way you can raise them with you and have more control over them to develop specific habits.

Each kitten has a different personality and nature; some are easy to train while others are hard to train. So, you should consider some important points when looking for kittens for sale to ensure the right one for you.

Ask some questions to yourself

Before choosing the right kitten, before going to a pet’s shop to see kittens for sale, you should ask some questions yourself. What should be your kitten age? Will you choose the kitten that was raised with its mother? Where is the kitten born, and where does it spend its most time? Does it has siblings, or was it alone? What is its specific breed? Is it friendly or wild? Does it interact positively with a dog or not?

By answering such essential questions, you will be able to decide that you are picking the right kittens for you.

Check kittens’ age

You may prefer an older kitten, but if you are looking for the right kittens that are easy to train, then you should choose a kitten that should not have an age of more than 8 to 10 weeks. At this age, it is easier to socialize the kittens.

But also do not pick a kitten that is less than 8 weeks; otherwise, you may experience worst such as it may suck or bite on your fingers or other objects.

Kittens’ personality

You should check kittens’ personality when you are looking for kittens for sale because for you and your kids’ safety, you should adopt a friendly kitten. Do not judge the personality of a kitten by looking at it; you can only know its personality when the kitten is active.

For a better understanding of its personality, play with the kittens and see how they behave. Get it down on the floor and see how it responds in your presence. It should be comfortable and unafraid of you. Touch the kitten’s belly, back, or head and see how it reacts.

Pick the kitten in your lap and see how the kitten responds. If it responds un-afraid and also does not try to harm you, then you should pick it. But if you see a kitten is afraid and avoids you, then skip that one and look for any other.

Kittens Health

Once you have decided to choose a kitten, make sure that you are choosing a healthy kitten. You can perform some easy tests to see that your kitten is healthy. Inspect kitten’s skin; a healthy kitten has healthy and soft skin. Its hair also should be silky and healthy.

Inspect its body; a kitten with good health has a fat or skinny body. Its ribs should not be visible. Also, inspect its belly and see belly is not hard or swollen. Make sure its ears are clean and no ear mites or black debris in-ear.

Also, inspect its nose; it should not running, or make sure no cough, sneezing, or another health issue. Never forget to check its teeth when looking for kittens for sale. Check all its legs and make sure no damage or pain in its legs.

Adopting kitten

When adopting a kitten, makes sure you have chosen the right kitten that is safe for you and your kids. So make sure about some important points such as kitten is vaccinated, microchipped, and neutered.

Try to get a pair

If possible, choose a pair of kittens, male and female, or both females. You can keep them with ease in your house. It is also easy to train the pair than having one kitten alone.


Cats are very friendly and cute pets, and people love to keep cats as pets. But a cat as a pet needs some special training to make it suitable to live with your family without harming. So it is better to choose kittens that are easy to train and develop their specific habits.

But you should consider some important features to ensure you have chosen the right kitten when looking for kittens for sale. It will make it easy for you to get a friendly, healthy, beautiful, and cute kitten that you will love.