The Best Dog Breeds For Seniors

While some dog breeds are suitable for active children, such as Beagles, Jack Russel terriers, and several others, the same breeds are often not considered the best options for seniors or those that aren’t entirely active all day. This is simply because different dog breeds tend to have different temperaments.

With that said, regardless of which breed you decide to settle on, you should prioritize vet checks with Paoli Vet or a vet near you for vital vaccinations, general health checkups, and other essential healthcare needs. Our pets need healthcare just as we do to stay healthy and happy.

And to help you choose the most suitable breed as a senior, we have listed the breeds with the calmest and laid-back temperaments.

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise breed is undeniably adorable; with a fluffy curly white coat and a small stature, this breed is ideal for seniors for several reasons. This breed is both playful and affectionate, although it is not a very active pup by nature.

Moreover, they are genuine lapdogs due to their relaxed nature and small size. They make ideal companions for seniors as they are also pretty low-maintenance dogs in general.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

There’s no denying the delicate charm of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel; a very royal-looking pup with a gentle nature and a playful nature. These small-breed dogs are great for seniors as they are cuddly and calm.

However, this specific breed is not entirely low maintenance, as they do require regular grooming, daily brushing, and ear cleaning. Although, even so, this breed is ideal for older individuals as they make excellent companions, and they aren’t known to be energetic or destructive at all.

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is an exceptionally cute pup, with a snubbed-up wrinkled snout, large pointy ears, and a short, low-maintenance coat. These dogs are pretty compact in stature, and they have lovely temperaments, despite their bulldog title.

This breed may have quite a bit of energy, although they are pretty manageable and well-behaving dogs in general. Because they tend to lack endurance, they tire relatively quickly, and they are low-maintenance dogs due to their short coats.


The Pomeranian pup is pretty easy to spot, as these dogs look like life-like teddy bears with pointy noses. The fluffy breed is charming, and they are smaller than most small-breed dogs. That said, their oversized fluffy coat means they do require grooming and are not really low-maintenance in that sense.

However, the Pomeranian is ideal for seniors for other reasons. These pups prefer to spend their days lazing about, sleeping in comfy spots, or playing with their toys without the need for much interaction at all. Moreover, they do make excellent companions, and they have a pretty gentle and affectionate nature.

Finding the right breed of dog might seem a bit overwhelming, although the breed is only relevant if you are after a specific personality in a dog. There’s no reason you can’t stop by your local shelter and welcome home a mixed-breed pup, who may turn out to be everything you are looking for in a pet. Breeds and temperaments are generally accurate, although most would agree that raising the dog will impact the dogs’ nature and character most.