Top Low Maintenance Dog Breeds

Just to be clear with this, there are no maintenance-free dogs you’ll ever find out there. Dogs are live pets that need attention, care, and love. Certain dog breeds can be considered low-maintenance and only require minimal activity or attention from their owners.

Suppose your schedule is loaded with tons of work and meetings, and you want a pet as an extra family member. In that case, you should consider getting some low-maintenance dog breeds. These dog breeds do not require that you spend hours with them; instead, they just need a few minutes of affection, making them perfect for busy owners. And if you are looking for a legit list of the best online casinos in Australia, visit


As most people know, Greyhounds are racing dogs, but little do they know that these dogs’ capability to run at forty miles an hour are also couch potatoes. Greyhounds are great loafing buddies at home, especially on a lazy afternoon. They indeed need some time to walk or even run, but they do not require hours of physical activity. A good time on the sofa with their owners would be satisfactory.

When it comes to health, Greyhounds are hale and hearty. They can be easily trained and handled at home. And they are loyal to their owners or family members in the house.


Another couch potato, but this time you got an enormous Mastiff loafing on your couch all day. Mastiffs are giant dogs that have low energy and endurance levels. Most of the time, they are already contented with just sitting or sleeping on your sofa. Your small kid could even use them as giant pillows.

Although Mastiffs may become a bit playful at a younger age, they tend to be lazier in each passing year. However, life expectancy for giant dogs is a bit low. For Mastiffs, they are already at their old age at their sixth year. So usually, they only have a lifespan of around ten years on average. Meanwhile, if you want to know the safest real money casino canada, click the given link. 

French Bulldog

Do you want a loafing companion while smiling at you all day? Well, a French Bulldog is your perfect pet. These cheerful pooches are the jolliest of all dog breeds. Ever.

Despite their frequent display of some energy, they only have low endurance. So it is only advisable to have moderate physical activities with this pet. In most cases, French Bulldogs are trainable and well-mannered, especially at home.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Have you watched Lady and the Tramp Disney movie? If you do, Lady is actually a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog breed. Regardless of this dog’s gender, a cavalier will always look like a girl dog because of its furry ears that look like a girl’s hair in pigtails.

Cavaliers are gentle, affectionate, and flexible dogs. They can adjust well with their owners or with the rest of the family members while often find time to cuddle with them or with other pets.

Although they look adorable and snuggly, they can be easily handled and trained by their owners. They have moderate energy levels, low shedding, and would only require regular brushing of their hair, as it grows fast and thick. An occasional visit to a groomer would also be necessary to keep their hypoallergenic hair neat.


Poodles are well-known for their adaptability and for being able to match the energy levels of their owners. For this reason, if the owners have low energy or have less time to spend with them, poodles can adjust well to those situations and will not behave negatively towards people.

This breed comes in three different sizes, such as medium, miniature, and toy. But despite their difference in sizes, poodles only have a typical set of qualities and characteristics that you will always see in them.

In addition, poodles’ hair is hypoallergenic suitable for owners who have allergen issues with pets. There will only be a frequent trip to a groomer for poodle since their hair tends to grow fast and requires regular brushing and clipping. All in all, poodle breeds are healthy in general and have very versatile characteristics to their owners. So if you are a busy person, you may consider getting a poodle to be part of your family.