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How to train your dog at home

We are well known for being a nation of dog lovers, but even the most patient among us are prone to lose patience when our best friend is out of line. The key to enjoying your dog is to set limits so you know whose boss. In a word: obedience. An obedient and well adjusted dog is a happier dog because they just want to please. Here are some simple steps to train at home to your dog.

Train at home

A puppy should not be trained to at least 12 weeks old because it has the ability to “hold” until this stage. During this time it is better to confine your dog to an area of the house where you can clean up the mess easily as in the laundry.

dog training at home

Train at home II

When your dog is physically ready to be trained it is important to be attentive. A dog wills no connection between what he did five minutes ago in the room and why are you angry with him at this time. He will not associate the act with the disorder, it understood that the disorder is wrong, but what he did is wrong. So you have the look of “I’m sorry, but I’m not sure why.”

Train at home III

As soon as the dog do his business you must react. Do not hit. Your tone will be enough to let you know you’re not happy. Take him outside and wait to do it again and then reward him. This requires patience, but the dog will eventually associate the prize with toileting where you want to go.

Methods: training role

Depending on the school learning and race your dog there are several methods you can use to train at home. The training paper is used for small breeds and dogs that are indoors. Involves using layers of newspaper where the dog can urinate. Let the dog do his business on paper and then place another paper on top of the urine work because the dog will recognize their own scent. When the puppy urine on paper and should reward him when he does not have to ignore it. Constantly moves the paper to the door and possibly outside. Once you go to the bathroom outside, again, show him that you are happy giving a prize.

Methods: Crate training

Another method is called home training crate training the puppy or imprisonment (or puppy playpen times). This means keeping your dog within a certain space where you are allowed to make a mess. This method has been criticized for producing sad and destructive dogs … cannot imagine why. If you use this method, be sure to take a walk regularly. A puppy is not a hamster!

Methods: belly bands

A belly band is a new way to prevent males lift their leg at home. The belly band is not very comfortable for the dog and should be removed when you take it out.

Train at home an older dog

Contrary to popular belief, you can teach old dog new tricks. As for the puppies, house training is a habit and old dogs can fall into bad habits. It is important to remove odors from the interior. Use vinegar to remove the smell which discouraged him from doing it again. The same principles apply to older dogs as to take it outdoors and reward when it’s outside. Remember to be very patient.

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