Tips for traveling with pets

Taking your dog on vacation with you is fun and relieves the worry of not knowing what is wrong with him while you’re away. But you want to do it right. Planes and cars are not designed for dogs. In addition, one must know what awaits you at your destination. Taking the time to plan your trip calmly will allow you to have a great time on your rest days, therefore, here are some tips to do so. Meanwhile, click the link to visit the best real money online casinos.

Using the cage

It is normal to feel bad about having to put your dog in a cage. No one likes to be caged. But do not project your feelings to your dog. The dogs do not mind the cage and many even feel safer in it.

  • The most important thing you can do is make sure your dog is well exercised before entering the cage. If you have spent your excess energy, you have more desire to rest.
    Make sure there is nothing in the cage so that your dog can get hurt. Loose belts and necklaces are particularly dangerous because the dog can choke them.traveling with petsKeep the positive energy. Do not present the cage like a prison. Show it and open the door. Do not push the dog inside. Leave him alone between. When you are in and comfortable, then yes, you can close the door. Get away with good energy and good body language, saying nothing. If you put a sad voice and say things like “Do not be sad. Mommy and Daddy will come back soon “, your dog will think something bad is happening and will be anxious.Come back in 15 minutes. This will relieve anxiety Dog separation the next time you put it in a cage. Do not take it out of the cage. Remind yourself that you do not want to convey that the cage is wrong. Just open the door to leave when you want.

Like traveling by car with your dog

When traveling in a car with your dog, put it in a cage is ideal to ensure the safety of all. You distract least what is driving safer. Statistically, in case of impact, the dog in a secure cage will be more protected than had been used a seat belt for dogs. The cage also prevents your dog from becoming a projectile if you have to brake abruptly, it reduces the chances of humans and dogs get hurt.

Speaking of bullets, do not give food to your dog for at least two hours before departure, because it may vomit with the movement of the car. Neither feed while the car is moving. Wait until a stop and, then, give no more than a snack, rich in protein preferentially. After lunch, it is also good to play or walk around while stopped to spend the energy contained. And, of course, does not leave your dog in a parking lot, especially on a hot day. Even with windows open, the car can turn into an oven and your dog can quickly become dehydrated. Meanwhile, visit to play on a legit online casino.

As take your dog on the plane

The first thing to find out directly with the airline are the rules for travel with pets. Many require the submission of a health certificate and may have other rules that you do not know. Avoid surprises at the airport. Surely your dog will travel in a cage and probably better for everyone if you’ve already got the dog in the cage before entering the chaos of the airport.

As in car trips, it is best that your dog begins the journey to the stomach and empty bladder (dogs can be without eating anything for at least two hours before the trip) and must go to the bathroom before departure. But make sure your dog has enough water to keep hydrated, but not full.

If your dog does not travel with you in the cabin, do not make a big farewell scene. That just get put sad. If you’re quiet, he will also be.

Medicate or not medicate your dog

Having almost the same variety of drugs for dogs than for humans, it can be tempting to give a sedative or calming the dog for the trip. It would be best to avoid medications to prevent chemical dependency. Consult your veterinarian to that respect.

How to keep your dog quiet during the trip

Takes his blanket or stuffed animal, favorite toy or bone-any object that is familiar and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

To give you peace of mind, put lavender oil on your hands and give an aromatherapy massage your dog, starting with your spine or base of the head.

How to choose a hotel for you and your dog

As with air travel, it is good to do a little research. Do you accept pets in the hotel to stay think? It is better to find out before you arrive. Pet hotels, such as the Best Western chain, they are prepared for and may even recommend you visit parks, rides and other activities to do with your dog.

Yapping in your room can disturb other guests. No inadvertently stimulates the barking with displays of affection. Stay calm and control. Take your pet on a long walk every morning to stay calm throughout the day.

Entering the hotel with your dog

A dog exercise just will be more relaxed during long trips. It is normal for your dog growls at strangers, can be a little nervous about being surrounded by strange people and in a new environment. This does not mean it is aggressive, but is a little scared and need to be sure that everything is fine. If scolds him to stay away from a stranger, you are indicating that you something bad happens and only startle more. Again, stay calm and confidence. Show your dog that you have everything under control.

How to present your dog room

When you’re ready to enter the hotel room, simply enter your first. Inside, let the dog stay in one place waiting for you. Suffer not loiter but take control of the situation. While unpack, you shower, you make a phone call or something, he expects. You’re the only one that moves around the room. It is important that your smell is in all parts of the room to make your dog feel comfortable.

Exploring a new place

Away from home for your dog and that means there are many places, smells, sounds, and possible new foods. Wherever you go, be sure to be aware of what is around you, especially things that your dog can eat. In addition, at the time of the holidays, there may be many lights, decorations and treats up to your nose that can be dangerous to your digestive system. Keep it secure.

Balanced dogs are the best companions

No specific breed or specific dog size is best for travel, but an unstable dog will not be a good traveling companion. Always encourage your dog’s mental stability and will better during your travels.

You can not take your dog on the trip?

Looking for a replacement pack. In a rural house or hotel canine, your dog should be adopted immediately as a member of the herd. Staff should make your dog concentrate on what they have for him and not allow him to stay sad for your absence. For a dog, separated from his herd is very important. The new herd must be equal or better than yours.

Traveling with your dog can be fun for both. Just remind yourself that you should be as prepared as possible wherever you go. If you plan well, there will be fewer surprises. Do not forget that your dog needs plenty of exercises and, equally importantly, he needs you to keep calm and in control. A balanced dog is the best travel companion.