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How to teach a dog to cross the street

Most dogs go crazy to go outside. Although we can do to keep his composure a bit, when it comes to cross the street, things get complicated. They want to run and jump on cars without thinking about what might happen.

It is obvious that they do not think. So, do not see the danger embark on a road may entail. It is our duty not only keeps an eye on, but trying to learn how to cross the street. Can you really teach a dog to do that? Yes, and we will show you how.

Teach your dog to cross the street

There are two main orders that the animal must learn: still or sit and goes or we go . These are essential, they say the dog exactly what to do.

Teach your dog still order

Choose a place such as a table on the floor, or even a plastic table. The animal must be on it and when you want to move must say “No” (something sure your dog already understands what it is) while you hold it with your hands and say “quiet”.

teach a dog to cross the street

The dog, when you hear that order several times, will associate the word “still “the fact that you cannot move or go anywhere. Then we descend to the animal of where you are and let loose. We will tell still as we pointed out.

Do not expect to do so at the first exchange. You know you teach a command to a dog requires time and patience. But after several times your can hear it and associate it with the gesture, we learn, do not hesitate.

Teach your dog the order to let

Once the animal has learned the order still, it is good time to teach the order of going or passes . How to do it? After you get to stand still, then make a gesture with your hand while you say “we”.

The dog may look at you and think you’re crazy and do not understand what you expect from him. Call him by name and say look, then walk and say “go.” Remember accompany the order with a gesture to the animal related and thus it easier to obey.

Now the street

Well, once your pet has learned the two most important commands, it’s time to teach across the street. The main thing is to keep the strap through our side all the time, not behind, far ahead.

We should not expect to reach the end of the sidewalk, it is better to stop about twenty meters before, when the light is still red. Then I say “still”. When we see that the light turns green, you say “we”, always keeping your side.

Gradually it will be familiar with both orders and relate to cross the street. Once this happens, you could teach the “high” order. Thereby you could use when they are in front of a traffic light. So the animal and know when to stop, stand still and walking. You may even learn to do without strap, but if you want to practice it, do it in a non – busy road.

Use positive reinforcement also across the street

The best way to teach is by using positive reinforcement. Each time you learn a command or recognize and obey the order, give one of his favorite treats and pet him to feel that you want it and you’re proud of him.

Do not yell or get upset if at any time if you do not obey or not seem to respond to the order. If you associate obedience to the prize, it will be easier to obey. However, if you see that you get angry, you may not know where to go and the animal does not obey for fear scold him.

Remember that you get things with love, perseverance and perseverance.

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