How to teach your dog to track

We all love our dogs know how to do special things like going around, to bring us the newspaper or to seek us things. The latter, although the action track is something innate in animals, it is not easy to teach a dog to crawl just what we want and we bring.

It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible either. In this post we will give you some tips so you wake up that instinct might be asleep.

How to awaken the instinct to crawl into a dog

Teach our dog track is much more than bragging to our friends, it is to awaken an innate sense that can probably be asleep. It is important for their development and socialization to carry out their instincts.

teach your dog to track

Looking for a place free of odors

To start training a dog track in action is important that we seek a place other than tracking. Looking not be many odors and have not been many animals out there.

As you learn it, you know how to differentiate the smell that wants to track everyone else. But meanwhile, must begin in this way. Of course, select an outdoor area, because at home will be difficult to find something.

Think about your sense of smell

Dogs have a highly developed sense of smell, but not all are equal. Therefore you should think about your pet and look for an area crawling adapted to it.

There are dogs that can sniff and track more distance, while others only do so in shorter distances. Therefore, choose a place and a space according to the olfactory power of your pet.

On the other hand, the games will help a lot to make it easier to teach. Even being an innate instinct, the games will be very useful when developing them.


Yes, specialists advise tracking tracking zones are created before 6 in the morning , as the sun has not come out yet and has not generated the emission of vegetation moisture.

In addition to that, at that time there will be no further steps or odors in the area and that will facilitate the work of tracking your dog.

Much space

A park near your home will be ideal. To develop well their ability tracking ample space is important. Then comes the best.

Rub a little food on the grass. The best will be tied to your dog as you do not go to eat her. Forms a path with leftover food and, if you want to give more fun and surprise your pet, put a toy smeared food.

It is recommended that you use canned food to begin by strong odor and ease to rub it in a toy. Later you can use think.


When your dog know that the game has started it has come. Let smacks and release your belt.

Use the command “Search “, “Go” or “forward” so that your dog understands what you want. Remember that principle should be simple, but as’ll go practice complicate matters.

For example, you could use less odorous food or perhaps objects that increasingly more separated from each other. You could also make curves, play hiding behind trees or anything else you can think of.

Remember to use positive reinforcement pus yelling and nagging not lead anywhere and you away from your goal.

Especially remember to do often, because otherwise the animal will soon forget what they have learned and knocked back one step at a time rather than advance it.