The Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

Coining certain dog breeds as dangerous is both valid and invalid. This is because dogs are not born as predators of the animal kingdom. Even though some dog breeds are used as hunting dogs or army dogs, they only learned to behave in such ways because of the training imposed on them and the environment they lived in. But there are no such dog breeds that are dangerous by nature.

Being dangerous of certain dog breeds results from poor socialization and wrong training that made them develop a certain level of aggressiveness. Although being aggressive of dogs can be part of their nature, it can be considered dangerous depending on the body size.

Suppose you see a Chihuahua that displays a high level of aggressiveness. Still, you will not feel threatened even if it tried to bite you. However, this becomes different if you see an adult pitbull terrier displaying the same aggressiveness towards you since the size of his jaws could be bigger than the size of your fist.

Tenth: Great Dane

Despite this dog’s formidable height and size, they are surprisingly vulnerable animals, however, for this exact reason why Great Danes tend to be aggressive at times. They need an ample amount of time to be familiarized with the environment and the people around them. If the owner failed to provide this to Great Danes, they would tend to be aggressive towards the people around them.

Ninth: Labrador

Labradors are the most popular dog breeds in America. Because of this, statistics show that they have committed a significant number of attacks causing bodily harm and even killed some people. Still, they are widely accepted by owners as family dogs because of their kind and loving nature.


Eight: Chow Chow

Believe it or not, but Chow Chows can kill a person because of aggression. Despite their cuddly cute looks, chow chows are protective and can be territorial in nature. So, if their space is violated, they can be aggressive towards the person.

Seventh: Boxer

Boxer dogs love to play wild, be it outdoors or inside the house. These dogs are playful and highly active to the point that they need to release their energy through physical activities. If their routine did not satisfy the level of their activeness, they would display aggressiveness as a form of boredom.

Sixth: Akita Inu

Don’t be fooled by this dog’s adorable furry; they made it in the list because of blinding speed reflexes and instant attacks. Akita Inus need to be appropriately trained to identify threats. If not, they will always attack even if there is no real threat around.

Fifth: Wolf Hybrid

A wolf hybrid is a breed of half wolf and half dog. This means that these breeds have wolf instincts that need to be wild, making them dangerous. For them to be domesticated as pets, proper training is advised to all owners.

Fourth: Bull Mastiff

Bull Mastiffs are famous for being jealous of their owners. This form of possessiveness towards a family member is what can make them aggressive against other people. And this is actually the reason why they are great security dogs at one point.

Third: German Shepherd

German Shepherd Dogs or GSDs are also typical family dogs in the United States next to Labrador Terriers. GSDs are highly intelligent and trainable dogs; they are often used as army dogs or police dogs. They are very loyal and obedient to their owners which makes them perfect for being guard dogs. For this reason, why GSD became a dangerous breed, especially for intruders and robbers in the house.

German Shepherd-jpeg

Second: Rottweiler

In several countries, Rottweilers are banned from being domesticated as house pets because of their extreme possessive nature that can turn into high levels of aggressiveness. Although Rottweilers or Rotties are fiercely loyal and good-natured dogs, they will do everything to protect the family members or owners against any threats. Many owners will describe their Rotties as extremely loyal and fearless.

First: Pitbull Terrier

Alright, so the canine that made the top of the list is the Pitbull Terrier. According to recorded statistics, it shows that Pitbull Terriers had committed 3,397 attacks against people that caused bodily harm and even killed 295 people. This significant number of recorded attacks is what made Pitbulls banned in different countries around the world. However, their real nature can be a friendly, dedicated, and courageous dog. It’s just that the harsh training and wrong raising of Pitbulls are what made them dangerous.