Mountain Cur – The Intelligent and Courageous Hunting Dog

Most dogs are talented when it comes to work. One of the most common tasks known for dogs is hunting; it was an activity for dogs ever since ancient times, wherein it helped in the survival of humans. Interestingly, many dogs are capable of working in the hunting field, and each of them possesses unique characteristics.

An example of a hunting dog that is known for its distinctive qualities is the Mountain Cur. Skillful, intelligent, and brave: these are some of the Mountain Cur’s primary assets. Because of these features, this breed dominates the hunting field ever since its early existence. Combined with its beautiful appearance, the Mountain Cur is truly a dog lover’s delight.

There are many excellent traits present in the Mountain Cur. If you are looking for a remarkable dog that could work in indoor and outdoor activities, and at the same time an ideal family companion, the Mountain Cur is no doubt a breed you should consider owning. It is a perfect combination of looks, wits, and good-nature, making it a genuinely admirable breed.

In this article, we are going to look into the different characteristics and the origins of the Mountain Cur.

Origins of the Mountain Cur

As mentioned earlier, hunting dogs served a crucial role in the survival of humans, especially during ancient times. They help us in various tasks, such as guarding, herding, cattle-driving, and so on. One of the most significant tasks of our canine companions is hunting; they hunt for various reasons and one of them is to help in gathering food.

Interestingly, the Mountain Cur earned a solid reputation when it comes to work ever since its early existence. From the name itself, it is known for living in the mountains for a long time. We can trace back its origins to the early 20th century in the Southern Mountains of America. With this said, we can say that the Mountain Cur is a true American breed.

Similar to other breeds, the Mountain Cur is a dog built for work; it may not have an exact record as to its history, but one thing is for sure that this dog was developed out of necessity. The Mountain Cur is a significant breed for the Southern Mountain settlers, mainly because of its skills in the field. Without this talented dog, the Southern Mountain dwellers may not be able to survive the harsh environment on the highlands.

Mountain Curs performed multiple tasks during this time and they are known as a versatile breed. However, guarding is one of its primary jobs, wherein they protect their family and livestock against various intruders. Another job of the Mountain Cur is hunting, wherein they used diverse hunting styles to catch wild animals for their family’s food. Over the years, the Mountain Cur remained to play an important in the lives of frontiersmen; they helped humans not just in gathering food but also in earning money.

Fast-forward to 1957 when the Mountain Cur was officially declared as a breed with the organization of the OMCBA “Original Mountain Cur Breeders of America.”

Characteristics of the Mountain Cur

Height: 16 – 26 inches

Weight: 30 – 60 years

Life Expectancy: 10 – 13 years

Hypoallergenic: No

The Mountain Cur holds several traits that fit perfectly for hunting. It is a medium-sized breed that could grow relatively larger, standing up to twenty-six inches tall and weighs up to sixty pounds. This medium-large size of the Mountain Cur allows to be an ideal hunting and guardian breed.

In terms of its appearance, it has a muscular physique, along with a deep chest. Its body is covered by a smooth coat that comes in the color black with white patterns. It has a large head that seems intimidating at first, which helps in keeping intruders at bay. Furthermore, its eyes express a gentle nature, and at the same time, conveying its strong-willed personality.

Moreover, the Mountain Cur is not just a good-looking breed; it is also known for its finesse when it comes in the field. It is incredibly skillful in various types of canine tasks, which explains why it earned a reputation as a hunting dog many years ago. In addition to its finesse, the Mountain Cur is highly intelligent, which makes it more suitable for diverse jobs.