Reasons Why Your Dog Might be Itchy

Reasons Why Your Dog Might be Itchy

Is your dog scratching a lot all of a sudden? Is it making your furry friend uncomfortable when they are at home? It can be concerning when your dog is itching all the time. Sometimes, the reason for this can be straightforward. In other circumstances, you might not be aware of why … Read more

Should You Feed Garlic To A Dog?

Should You Feed Garlic To A Dog

One of the best aromas to smell in the kitchen is roasting garlic. It adds an incredible amount of flavor to any dish, and on top of that, it also has a bunch of great health benefits for humans. And because of that, a lot of people want to know whether or … Read more

Spinone Italiano – The Socialble and Patient Italian Sport Dog

Spinone Italiano

  Sports have been a significant part of dogdom over the years, and many dog owners have their canine companions participate in various dog sports around the globe. Because of this, dog breeders also developed certain types of dogs that could perform well in the sports arena. That is why today, several … Read more