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9 myths about dog baths

Frequency products to use, and even a debate on the real need to do so, are some of the themes that hover around the bath dogs. We tell some myths about worthwhile to discard when grooming your furry.

1-If wild animals do not bathe; we do not need

In nature, animals tend to resolve the issue of cleaning with a good mud bath, the pound parasites. However, in the cities, where pollution and toxic abound, bathing dogs is not only a matter of aesthetics, but of health.

myths about dog baths

2-A canines no baths only followed you

The most recommended is that the furry be sanitized on a regular basis. How often it does, depend on many things, including the characteristics of their fur. Consulting the veterinarian what is most appropriate for your pet. In addition, dogs suffering from skin diseases or allergies require more frequent and specific products bathrooms.

3-Bathing a can damage the pH of your skin

This only happens if you do not use a suitable shampoo for dogs. So do not ASEES with any shampoo. Humans and dogs have pH different. Do not even think, then use your shampoo to bathe your furry . Better consultation, once again, with the veterinarian to advise you on the best option for your pet.

The 4-bath makes them lose natural oils of your skin

Unless you overdo grooming your four – legged friend, this issue will not be a problem, especially if you use a specific and good quality shampoo. The bathroom remove impurities and other substances that must be eliminated so that your dog looks enviable coat and have a healthy skin.

5-You will otitis water

If there happens an accident or an oversight, it does not have to just get water in your pet’s ears during bathing. Therefore, should not give ear. Pay attention and carefully remove the remains of shampoo your dog’s ears. In addition, if water gets into your ears, see the vet.

6-You must use a hair dryer

A alters the dogs enough noise hairdryer. In addition, if the hot strip devices also feel upset. So unless very cold, let, after using the towel, finish drying in a warm, sheltered environment.

7-The flea shampoo is enough to eliminate these pesky parasites

This also depends on how regularly bathing your furry. Do not pretend that a single application with those annoying little bugs to abandon it. To achieve this, you might need to supplement the treatment with other products. For example:


Also, if your furry is free from these parasites , you do not need to use a flea shampoo.

8-A the dogs love to bathe them with a hose

Except that it is very hot and the sun paste full, you do not ever bathe with cold water furry garden hose. Most likely to get sick. Unless the high temperatures prevail, with warm water and bathe him in a place removed from cold and drafts.

9-The bath is best dogs in a dog grooming

This statement is not entirely true. Before I leave in other hands, make sure you use appropriate products and treat your pet well. Also, remember that to dry it undergo extensive sessions with the hair dryer. And that is something that, with exceptions, your furry detests.

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