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Pessimism is also a danger for dogs

A farmer wanted to make a contest between his dog and rabbit. He hid a bone and a carrot. While the rabbit began to dig and dig, the dog remained in place bemoaning how difficult it will be to find the bone. The rabbit was not discouraged with each new hole was but thought he already had less to eat your carrots. You see, pessimism is a bad counselor, even for dogs.

Meanwhile, the dog was still lamenting. The rabbit, when he no longer had to dig site, made a tunnel following his nose. So until he found not only carrots, but also the bone. You know where I was? Right under the can! If pessimism had not seized him, the hairy might have found their prize only using a small part of your instinct.

dogs pessimism

This is just a story called the pessimist dog shows that animals can have different moods. They can become pessimistic. This attitude is dangerous for the dogs and I’ll explain why.

Dogs with optimism versus pessimism dogs with

A study in Sydney would corroborate the fact there really pessimistic dogs, and he did. Two musical tones with which about 40 dogs of different races that the sound of one of them will have milk instead of water as taught prize were used in the experiment.

These tones were between two octaves, so they had different shades. When animals learned to differentiate the two tones, he began the experiment.

Some of the dogs quickly touched the tone that would win them the prize. They did several times, although the first time did not receive their prize.

These dogs were considered optimistic, as we’re confident that if they continued struggling getting more milk. However, there were other dogs, seeing that the milk did not reach that tone first, they gave up. These were considered pessimistic.

  • Play

According to one of the researchers, “pessimists dogs seemed more distressed by their failures than optimists. They complained and they could not keep up, avoiding try again. Meanwhile, the optimists were persistent and continued. ”

The researchers in this study, however, do not believe the pessimistic dogs are unhappy, but they are accustomed to a comfortable routine of not wanting to leave. But they emphasize the importance of motivating them to do new things.

Pessimism or realism?

When someone does catch our attention by some pessimistic words, we have said, may our answer was: “I am not pessimistic, I’m realistic.” Does this happen the same in the case of our dogs?

Another study by Marck Bekoff and based on the earlier of you have spoken, he concluded that maybe the dogs stopped looking for milk were not pessimistic, but realistic, and realized that not would get.

A dog with a pessimistic diagnosed pathology shows no interest in any activity, even if these locked rewards. Therefore, Bekoff not deny that there are pessimists dogs, he states that there are, especially if they have been victims of abuse since childhood. But also confirms that you can change your behavior.

How does a pessimist dog?

A dog may seem much pessimistic one depressive and presents these attitudes:

  • Oversleeping
    Lying prolonged periods
    Stare into the void
    Will not play
    Unresponsive to stimuli

These are some signs that a dog is pessimistic. Although there are studies that say they are not unhappy, the truth is that they could be happier. A pessimist cannot enjoy life and love others give, so it is vital motivating him to do new things, new experiences. If you do not know how, maybe it’s a good idea to take a coach or even a canine psychologist.

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