Miniature American Shepherd – The Intelligent Mini Dog

Many people are attracted to small dogs, mainly because of their adorable looks and charming personalities. In addition to this, some small dogs are not only good at putting a smile on their owner’s face; some of these miniature breeds are known for their finesse in the field. One of the most common jobs of small dogs is herding, which fits perfectly for their small and agile bodies. A miniature breed that excels as a herding dog is the Miniature American Shepherd.

From the name itself, the Miniature American Shepherd is a small dog bred for the farm. It is capable of various types of canine tasks, but it excels primarily on herding. Even during its early existence, this dog earned a reputation as a herding dog, helping farmers herd flocks. The efficiency of this mini breed helped it gain recognition, capturing the hearts of many dog lovers and farmers.

If you are looking for a hard working dog, and at the same time, possesses an irresistible charm, the Miniature American Shepherd is no doubt a breed you should consider owning. This breed is a perfect combination of intelligence, finesse, and good-looks, making it shine among other breeds.

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Origins of the Miniature American Shepherd

Despite the greatness of the Miniature American Shepherd, there are not so many records regarding its history. One thing for sure is that we can trace back its origins to the mid-20th century, when small-sized Australian Shepherds roamed in the United States. These dogs worked in the rodeo circuit during this time; breeders quickly gained interest on the breed, which led to them further developing it.

Breeders gathered small Australian Shepherds and selectively bred them to reduce their size; this process led to the creation of the breed’s smaller version: originally called the Miniature Australian Shepherd.

The greatness of the breed inevitable captured the attention of many people, especially equestrians travelling to horse shows. It didn’t take long for the breed to skyrocket in popularity, mainly because of its attractive characteristics; it is admired for its small and compact physique, as well as its superior intelligence. Because of its size, it was considered as an ideal travel companion, which adds to its overall features.

Over the years, the Miniature American Shepherd continued to gain recognition across the United States. The breed was known for its effectiveness in the field, along with its adorable appearance. Today, it is no doubt that this dog is among the most popular breeds around the globe.

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Characteristics of the Miniature American Shepherd

Height: 13 – 18 inches

Weight: 20 – 40 pounds

Life Expectancy: 12 – 13 years

Hypoallergenic: No

Despite being a miniature dog, the Miniature American Shepherd is not that small for its name. This dog could stand up to eighteen inches tall and weighs up to forty pounds. Compared to other small dogs, we can consider this breed as medium-sized; however, its size is still relatively smaller compared to its predecessor: the Australian Shepherd.

As mentioned earlier, the Miniature American Shepherd is not just an adorable-looking breed. This dog holds further excellent qualities than just having an irresistible charm. Underneath its beautiful coat is an agile and athletic body. Its coat comes in various colors, including black, blue merle, red, and red merle. The overall appearance of this breed greatly resembles the Australian Shepherd, but only smaller.

Moreover, the Miniature American Shepherd built its reputation in the field as a versatile worker. However, the primary task that it excels on is herding; they originally worked on rodeo circuits, wherein they helped in herding horses. This dog may not be as large as other herders, but it sure proves its effectiveness when it comes to work. The excellent qualities present on this breed is sure to attract breeders and dog lovers.

In addition to its finesse, the Miniature American Shepherd also flaunts its positive nature. Along with its brilliance, this breed is also highly devoted, especially when it comes to work. Once it is on duty, it would make sure not to stop until it gets the job done. It is loyal to its duty, as well as to its master. This breed is not just a remarkable working dog; it is also an ideal family companion.