Five Pet-Friendly Items You Need This Year

Pet owners know first hand how much love and affection they get from their pets on a yearly basis. That’s why so many pet lovers enjoy spoiling their little furry and four-legged companions whenever they get the chance. As we enter the last 6 weeks or so of 2022, giving is in the air as many people celebrate holidays to close out the year.

With that in mind, many people include their beloved pets in the giving traditions, and get their animal companions some presents to open and enjoy as well. If you’re a pet owner and lover yourself, or are just close to someone who is, consider the following list of gifts that just about any and every pet owner could use in their home this year.

1. A Washable Rug

First up on the list is a stylish, designed, and durable in-door rug. Not just any rug though, washable rugs offer the home an easy and pet-friendly way to bring a little bit of style into any room of the entire home. A washable rug is a great gift for a pet owner. This is because many pet owners avoid having carpeted rooms in their home.

Simply put, it’s easier to wash hardwood floors or tile flooring than it is to wash stains out of a carpet. That’s why hand designed indoor rugs that are easy to wash and pet-friendly are so convenient for pet owners.

This is an easy way for a pet owner to add a rug into any room of the house without being worried about how they’ll keep it clean.

2. An Elevated Food Dish

Many pets can benefit from an elevated food dish. This is especially the case for older pets, and especially larger senior dogs. An elevated food dish isn’t necessarily anything fancy. It’s simply a stand in which the pet’s food and water bowl can be placed.

The stand holds the food and water bowl a few feet higher into the air, to make it easier on the dog’s head and neck when trying to lower their snout. Not only that, but the elevation helps larger older dogs eat and drink more easily.

If you plan to adopt a senior dog, you want to be a foster for animals looking for their permanent home, or your own good-boy/girl is just getting a little bit older, an elevated food dog dish can make their lives a lot more comfortable, especially when it comes to eating and drinking.

3. Treats and Toys

Every affectionate pet owner in the world knows how important it is to get their companion a plethora of treats and toys. This is a natural part of pet ownership, and should never be overlooked. No matter how many treats and toys an owner already has for their pet, there can truly never be enough.

If you’re looking to get your animal companion something fun, or you want to include a family pet in the gift giving traditions, consider adding to their collection of toys or getting them a big ole treat that will last them for a few days.

4. An Anti-Spill Travel Mug

As much as we love our pets, it’d be a lie to pretend that it’s not ever chaotic being a pet owner. No matter how good of a pet you have, there are bound to be some spills, bumps, and accidents along the path of pet ownership. This is where an anti-spill travel mug can be an absolute life savior.

For those brisk early morning winter walks, or those long cramped car rides, or even during snuggles on the couch, an anti-spill travel mug will make sure your piping hot liquid stays in the mug, or in your mouth, and not spilled all over your pants and blouse.

5. Car Mats

In the same vein as trying to keep things as clean and tidy as possible, another great gift for a pet owner is a brand new set of car matts. Car mats, like those offered by weathertech, are great at keeping the interior of your automobile clean.

These are especially good gifts for people who travel with their pets a lot, like to go hiking with their pets, or do other outdoor activities with their pets. This way, when it’s time to load up and go home, the mess is contained and easily washable.

A few Final Thoughts

Pet ownership is full of love, affection, and a bunch of ups and downs. One of the best parts about being a pet owner, though, is the ability to share your love with your animal companion and to spoil them with gifts, treats, and toys all year round. If you’re looking to get something for the pet lover in your life, look no further than the list above.